Signature Gamechanger 195 +300 + short & medium fuse + Uni race stab + Unifoil 75 Carbon mast (compatible) for sale

Selling my gamechanger setup (also have a Uni Vyper 170, so don’t use them anymore…i had bought them when Uni couldn’t deliver the Vypers due to AUS lockdown)

-Gamechanger 195 +300 (used 3 times, as new)
-short fuse (used 3 times, as new)
-medium fuse (used 3 times, as new)
-Uni race stab (new, can be chopped)
-Unifoil Carbon 75cm mast, used but good condition. compatible with SPG; (Unifoil’s Clifford had designed the first SPG foil, the Albatros/same as Hyper1, so the connection is identical apart from SPG now using three M6 screws instead of two M8s, but as the outer holes are in the same position, you can very easily widen/countersink them to M8, simple and same strength. I also have special M6 countersunk washers by Sabfoil that fit perfectly in case you also want to mount them on a SPG mast)

was ca. USD 3950 new, selling for €1390 excl shipping.
shipping to Europe no problem (Switzerland based), outside Europe would need to be checked.