SPG Signature <-> Unifoil mast <-> fuse compatibility

Cliff designed the first SPG Foils, the Albatros is identical to the Hyper V1, so the tapered connection is the same and either fuse and mast fits with one another.
Only difference are the screws.
Uni has two M8, SPG three M6, with the outer holes being in the same position. So to fit an SPG fuse on a Uni mast you just need to widen the two outer holes on the spg fuse from 6 to 8mm and widen the countersunk part a tad with a countersinking bit. Mast stays unchanged. To be still able to use the spg fuse with an unchanged spg mast get the countersunk washers from sabfoil, they ‘fill’ the holes back to M6 size. To use a Unifuse on an Spg you would either need to add a 3rd hole (maybe not necessary if tightened well but don’t backflip with it i guess) in the centre and use the washers on the outer ones. or change the M6 cylinder nuts in the mast to M8.

Obviously this modification will void any warranty, so do at your own risk.


Please refrain from commenting on the blunt countersinking bit and rather rough new holes. I know i should have gotten a new bit or sharpen it but had no tools at hand and was in a hurry to get on the water;)