SOLD. Armstrong DW 6'8" x 19.5", 96L (board/bag only). $1925, shipping negotiable

2023 Armstrong DW foil board. Paid $2400 total.

Rail tape both sides. Located WA state, USA. I bought new at Big Winds in late May 2023. Has been used lightly for SUP downwind, and winging. No dings or scratches. Immaculate condition. Comes with Armstrong’s high-quality padded/zippered board bag. Great for surfing unbroken waves, downwind, and wing foiling. The length, volume, and narrow width make paddle-ups easier, and make it possible to wing foil in light wind without having to use a large wing.

This board has helped me unlock my SUP downwind skills. Selling to finance another board to better suit to my local conditions.

*deck pad around board rail is to help stay on the board–not slip around or off–when paddling prone. Also protects top of rail from paddle when re-mounting board after a fall. It is removable if desired.