DW SUP Board 6’7x20

6’7x20 87L downwind SUP foilboard. Board is on the heavier side but made of 2 layers of carbon throughout so it is bulletproof. Selling because I moved to a narrower board.

Asking $1200 and located in Long Beach, CA. Possibly willing to ship but I would need to figure that out before accepting any deals.

I’ll offer $500 for it.

What foil setup have you been running with it? Just curious about box placement??

I’ve been using the Armstrong 925 mostly and sometimes the 1550v2 if the bumps are really small. I believe the boxes are 17” from the tail and they feel good there. I ride with the mast about 3/4 the way up the boxes.

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What boxes did you use? Are you going longer also?

Not sure, the guys at Leahi Hovercraft made it. I’m riding a 6’5x17 now.

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That sounds like a nice step up.

Would you mind sharing some pictures of your new board?

I am also moving from a 6’0 by 20” and considering the same specs.

Definitely takes some getting used to but the extra glide is worth it.


Someone come get this thing.