***sold***Takuma 1440 with 75cm T-bar mast and 4’4” Rubix for sale

The wife is asking me to open up some storage space so I’m selling some gear. I’m in the central Florida area. I prefer local pick up. I’m willing to meet up in New Smyrna beach or Cocoa beach.

First up is the Takuma 1440 (winglets have not been chopped). I’ve used it twice. No blemishes or damage. Comes with a 220 tail. Minor scratches and the winglets on the stab have been chopped. Asking for $400 cash.

Next is a Takuma 75cm T-bar carbon mast. In good condition with no nicks or damage. Asking for $300 cash. If you want the wing and mast I can do $600 cash.

Last up is a 4’4” x 19.8” x 3.6” 37.5 L FFB Rubix. There was a ding on the nose when I received it from FFB. It’s been sanded, resin filled and repainted. No other blemishes. Asking for $400 cash. If you want the wing, mast and board I can do $900 cash.


@Baboom To bad shipping this to Hawaii would be to expensive.


What were you interested in? The 1440 wing just sold but the board and mast are still available. Where you stay in HI?

Everything is sold! Grateful to have a forum thread specifically to buy/sell gear.