Sunglasses for downwind to better read bumps

Last week i tried for the first time a downwind in low energy with my bike sunglasses .
I found it was really interesting to better view and read bumps. It was a really sunny day
Unfortunatly i lost them in a bad fall.
I ll try again.
Any try from downwind experience .
I thing they were not polarised.

Ps i did not notice any trouvle with water bubles or forg or mark even after being imerged . Maybe cause they had no frame around .


I have heard porlarized make it difficult to gauge height.

I am interested in grabbing a non polarized pair and giving it a bash.

I have been happy with my goodr sunglasses. Cheap but good quality. I put rainx on the lenses to help prevent fogging

Doesn’t hurt as much if I loose them or they break in a hard fall