Lightening up the quiver ….buyer pays shipping (or pickup in Jacksonville Beach, FL.


  • Front Wing 1210 ($450)
  • Front Wing 1095 ($450)
  • Tail stabilizer 220 ($150)
  • Tail stabilizer 220 ($150)
  • Alloy Mast/fuse 85cm ($350)

Hey @GregG - any issues with these wings or mast/fuse? Any willingness to deal if I buy a 1210, mast fuse, and tail stab? That whole kit new is $1k on Mac right now.

Hey Greg. Thanks for reaching out. Wings are in good condition. I can send additional pics if you would like. Let me know and let’s work a deal. Greg

Is this still available?

I just sold the last piece… thanks for reaching out though

Please edit your title/subject line to reflect all is sold

The equipment has been sold. Thank you for your interest.!!

(post deleted by author)