Tip Breach performance poll

I’m interested in experience with tip breach performance on different foils.

When you breach the tip on a turn what happens?:

  1. Nothing, I just continue shredding…
  2. A little wobble/instability but I keep going with my turn pretty much 100% of the time and never ventilate
  3. Sometimes the foil will ventilate and drop out, sometimes it stays hooked up
  4. The foil ventilates and drops out every time the tip breaches

My experience is:

Axis 900 - 4
Axis 999 - 3
design I’ve been working on - 2

The goal is #1 but curious if anyone is there yet??


Define “on a turn”. It all comes down to the angle that the wingtip breeches I think. The more vertical it breeches, the less noticeable it will be.

AXIS does it OK depending on what series foil you’re on. Takuma Kujira does it well. GoFoil with the step does it great. Lift does it pretty well. Armstrong can be good or bad depending on the foil.

I guess I mean any time the tip breaches during normal turns - not when you are already too high and you pop half the foil out initiating a turn.

I realize that there’s skill involved and if you aggressively bank to get the tip out quickly at a steep angle you are a lot less likely to vent.
I did some back to back testing in flat water on the wingding last year where I could carve and breach the tip over and over - The 999 would ventilate 30-40% of the time and the other 2 foils I was testing would vent about 10% and 0% so that’s my baseline.

Axis 899 for me is 3/4 depending on the conditions, much more recoverable in glass conditions.

Sometimes I can feel the tip go, and it feels like the turn radius suddenly changes or as if it suddenly stops turning, and then if I manage to bend the knees enough I can recover it. This is on a turn more than a deep carve. If banked over then less of an issue

Axis 910 is 1/2. Usually just ride straight through unless it is a full porpoise breach!

Have a look at the F-one tail for something interesting, they have a fence to prevent ventilation.

Also interesting was the brief discussion on Mikes Lab interview, the race foils are designed quite deliberately to prevent the ventilation spreading, and it clearly works pretty well for racing. Granted this is a very different scenario to a turning, but the tips breach often enough for it to be relevant (that foil racing looks like hell on the lower back :expressionless:)

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That’s surf foiling right? interesting that the 910 does better than the 899, but it actually makes sense if you are in smaller waves and maybe on the bottom end (speed wise) for the 899. The lower the angle of attack, the less likely you are to get ventilation from tip breach so the 910 having a lot more area and having a more cambered section is probably in it’s sweet spot speed wise.

Yup surfing, and definitely the 899 struggles on the low end if you get a breach. Once you get it up to the speed it likes (fast) then it doesn’t really suffer that much, but certainly need to be very conscious

I found on the limited winging I’ve done that it is much less of an issue to breach because you have relatively so much speed from the wing and the vertical lift component in your hands, makes it much more likely to recover, and the foil is also likely heeled over.

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With the Lift 120 and Takuma 1095, I can’t tell that the tip breached on a turn unless I was looking (foil version of spray watching) or I got a compliment on a tips out turn.

When I’ve blown a turn, it usually feels like I got too high and breached. I never thought the tip breach caused the wipeout.

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