Unifoil aluminum or axis 19mm aluminum with adapter

Looking for a cheap short mast for small days. Which is better?

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If you decide to go Axis route I have a uni adapter I can ship you

I use the Axis 19mm mast as my short mast(75mm). Probably loose some performance vs my katana 83 but not as dramatic as changing even tails. Bonus I can swap to my Axis 1300 for micro days and dw. These days it’s dedicated to my Foil Drive setup. If I were sticking with only uni I would get the unifoil Al mast as I think it’s thinner.

Yeah I’m in the same boat, just a hair smaller with the progression 800 being a hair too big for our smallest days.

Part of it is depth but it’s also just having the foil a little closer to that shallow short period energy.

I have both at 75cm. the uni is ever so slightly thinner but the chord is slightly longer. it feels slippery but with a little less roll. the axis 75 with the adaptor is shorter than the uni by 1cm+.
the fit on the uni is much tighter than the axis adaptor. Both are stiff and work great


Awesome, thanks for sharing the comparison. Have been wondering…