Unifoil mast choices

Hi all, trying to choose a 75cm Uni mast - I have a No Limitz 78 with a Stringy adapter that I’ve been using with my P140/170 Prone for the last couple of months.

Choices are Katana or standard, going 75 as the NL/Stringy I have is about 81cm & local can be pretty good at low tide.

Would be great to read others opinions/experiences with both or either Uni masts.

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What is your weight?

I’m around 74kg or (165lbs).

Had a loaner 75 Katana & it feels nice and stiff but trade off is weight.

What is the issue with nolimitiz 78 I heard that’s a really good size and mast that work with all brands.

No issue with the NL, just would like a shorter mast for low tide sessions.

The Uni mast is actually about 76cm long. At least it was when I measured it in my garage. $1k to lose a couple centimeters seems like a lot.

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Happy to trade my 75 katana if you want. I keep bouncing from the 75 to the 83 and would prefer to just have something in the middle.

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If you sell your 75 katana. Let me know :call_me_hand:t3:

I measured the length’s & the difference is about 60mm, wish Uni had an 80cm option.


How long until the cedrus evolution is out . . . ?

Hoping it’s basically a NoLimitz with an interchangeable adapter.

Me too, 78-80 CM mast is what I would’ve bought over 75 or 83.

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Supposedly aiming to debut something at Hood River AWSI in early Sept.

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Anyone know when the latest version of the Uni (standard) mast was released please?

Looking for a used 75cm - standard or Katana in Oz.

Had any luck? I have both 75 and 83 Katanas and my mate just bought a 75 standard. Going to do a comparison test this weekend.

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How are you finding the Katanas? I find them quite draggy. I’m also torn with lengths, seems 80 would be perfect.

Nope, back on my NL & can’t complain - still interested in trying a standard Uni 75 or 83.

Draggy compared to what other masts?

When I’m riding high on the Katana it does not feel draggy to me at all. When you are low on the mast its a noticeable increase in drag. Due to the tapered design (both chord and width), the ramp-up in drag is more dramatic than a mast with static dimensions.

Im comparing to Lift, Takuma and Cedrus. Haven’t tried Unifoil standard.


I’m surprised you say more draggy then cedrus… the other ones I get

Agreed with this, top of mast it is very fast but possibly due to the taper you notice the change more than say an Axis HM where it is pretty draggy top to bottom so you don’t have have the same ramp in drag.

The increase is maybe non-linear with tapered masts because you increase the amount of surface area in contact with the water like any mast but with the taper for each additional centimetre in the water you get a more draggy portion of the mast? I dunno.