Volume for next prone board

Considering upgrading my 38L 4’8".
74kg, 163 pounds
2-3ft 6-8 sec weak waves.
Can connect even 1 to 15, 5 minute ride.
Current one catches everything pretty easily.
Paddling: wasn’t a surfer before but 2y of foiling got me an efficient powerful paddling, probably not as good as a true many year surfer.
Plan to also wing with it a bit.

I don’t want to catch less waves due to smaller board and I’m very satisfied with pumpability and turning of current one.
Where is the sweet sweet spot for me? Should I upgrade at all?

If I do, options are:
4’7” 19.6” 3.2” 35.5L
4’6” 19.3” 3.1” 33.4L
4’5” 19.1” 3.0” 31.4L

For me the question isn’t catching waves, it’s the paddling between waves and back to takeoff. If I had a spot with tight radius of riding around the takeoff spot I’d consider ride <30L but because I end up with long 500m paddles, strong rips etc I’m happy on 32L at 70kg.

The takeoff I don’t find to be that much harder on smaller board. Narrower on the other hand makes takeoff harder (16" vs 19").

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I’m 76 KG or 166-168 lbs on a 4’6 34L. If I could do it again, I wish I was on a 4’4 30L. Of those choices I would definitely go the 4’5 31L. Idk how you’ll wing that small of a board though.

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If you’re getting 15-for-1s I don’t think very many people are in a position to give advice. Sounds like I should switch to whatever you’re riding