WANTED 32 Inch Lift Mast


Looking to purchase a 32 inch lift mast, let me know if you have one to sell !

I have one that’s used but in fine shape. It is the version before the current version In case you care. Whats a fair price? $550?

Hello mate, just messaged you on your insta

Still looking? I have on in excellent condition, purchased brand new and only used once.

I have a 32” classic available

How many classic versions of Lift masts there are? I feel mine very wobbly downwinding and I got it with classic kite wings so I think it is also the one before the current one. How stiffer is the current version compared to the “old” classic sold with low aspect kite wings before the surf stuff?

The ones I can remember are the very old ones like what you have. Then one that was updated and looked exactly the same. Then the current one which has curved in baseplate edges. It appears a new one is coming.

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