Lift 32" Mast For Sale or Trade for Lift 28" or Uni-Foil (or should I keep it to use for winging?)

I’ve got a Lift 32" mast that I purchased new and used once or twice and don’t need it. I’ll let it go for $650 or would trade it for a Lift 28" mast or Uni-Foil mast.

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I have a 28 I am willing to trade for the 32. I am in San Diego, CA. I don’t mind shipping it.

I sent you a PM to discuss

I have a almost new 28” mast and will be happy to switch with yours 32”mast, second in line :wink:

ok thanks, will keep you posted!

I’m having second thoughts on this and need to put this on hold until I can assess further. Here’s the story in case anyone has adivce:

I’m about 8 months into prone foiling and it’s going well, and I’m switching from Lift gear to Uni-Foil. I was planning to try the longer mast for prone and see how it works, but this is moot when I’m riding the Uni stuff.

I’m also trying to learn to wing foil when conditions are right, which is not often. I can get up and flying and starting to attempt Jibes. I’m wondering if my Lift gear would be convenient to use for winging so I don’t have to move my foils around, and would maybe the longer mast be good for winging to help in chop and to provide a little more margin for error.

I’d better try this mast on my next wing sesh before I get rid of it. Apologies all while I figure this out. Advice welcome!

Right on - take your time and see what works. Just offering up third in line with a 28” willing to swap for 32.

Happy testing :call_me_hand:t3::call_me_hand:t3::call_me_hand:t3:

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Hi @chrisvw, are you still interested in this?

@gmasiak57 still interested?

I will also sell this for $650. It’s basically brand new, used twice.

I’m buy it .
Is PayPal ok ?

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Thanks for the heads up - I think I’m holding onto my 28” for sup

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nice, will send you a message

Gary did you sell the 32”

yes, it just sold, thanks