What volume board are you using for wing foiling?

Curious what volume people use for winging on this forum because it seems like primarily prone foilers and I’m curious how low people go. 76KG with 55L, winds usually 17-23 ish mph for me. So - 20L per KG.

80kg, everyday board is 60L 4’9” which I use from 12 knots and up. Just got an 80L 5’7” board for lightwind, downwind wing, and unstrapped riding but haven’t experimented with it much yet.

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170lbs. Only have a 5.2m wing. So I have to supplement my 58l board with a large front foil for lighter wind.

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70kg I only have a 4m wing so have

  1. 100L downwind board, most used as the wind has been crazy light since I started this year and didn’t want to buy a wing specific board until…
  2. 60L just added this wing board. I have winged a bit on a 44L Axis froth and that was super nice in strong wind, but felt that I needed something closer to traditional wing sizing so got the 60L instead. No straps.
  3. 32L prone board which I haven’t used yet with wing, has straps which I’m interested in trying.

Primarily on progression 140 and downwind foils when wind gets light

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I weigh 165 and ride a Kalama E3 DW 6’1 x 23" 105L.It’s a great all-around board for winging in all conditions but I’m 66 years old. I might be on something narrower if I was younger. Big fan of DW shapes.

7, 5, and 4-meter wings.


170lbs, only use a 5m wing.

75L board for 8-13knots.

Anything over 13knots I switch to a 45L nugget, it’s an order of magnitude better to use the small board.

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150 lbs or 68 kg

My daily driver is 60L and I have a 7’ x 19” x 100L Dagger for light wind. My favorite wing board is a 39L prone board if adequately powered. I’ve also used a 34L prone board but prefer the slightly larger one.

Lots of wings and foils

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Are you actually able to get 45L going easily in 13+ knots? Seems like a pain

Do you ever prone the nugget? Hows it work? Also, hows the build quality? Ive been wary of FFB quality, but that shape (and price) looks appealing for a crossover board.

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180lbs/80kg with a 6.2m Mantis. I ride an 80L KT Quattro. Light Florida winds, I’ll size down my foil if it’s really blowing.

Yes because of the shape with volume up front and v tail it gets up easy in light winds.

Yea I prone it all the time including an hour ago. Not as hyper responsive as a light tiny board but catches waves early and it is a do it all travel board

Build seems fine, I’ve had at least 50 sessions on it split prone and wing, maybe it will break soon but who knows

63kg using 21-L kiteboard when 17kts+

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I have been using my 8’4" barraccuda proto 108L more often than my 80L 5.0. I am often the only one up on foil when its light. Hard to go back to pushing water on a barn door. It also allows me to use whatever foil and wing I feel like. 9.5 lbs. I will only use my 80L if its really windy and I want to boost. I can’t believe how fun it is to do radical carves on. Slices through the wind way better than anything I have tried. Touchdowns just skip right back up. I know it sounds crazy, 8’4" but it opens up lighter spots that have been a struggle on traditional gear.

Now that I’ve used a mini DW style midlength board a bit (80L, 5’7" x 21"), Im finding that it definitely has a spot in the quiver (lightwind and cleaner conditions up to 17/18 knots), and can be very fun in the right conditions.

That said - it isn’t a great option when the conditions are very powered and hectic. The narrower width and hull shape lack stability in in choppy or cross-grained conditions. Not surprisingly, when the board points into or against the waves its totally fine (makes sense given that this style board is intended for downwind), but my conditions often dont set up like that.

Im interested to see how these midlength / DW designs evolve specifically for winging. I think that the design has been very literally interpreted from downwind, but some compromises can be made to make this type of shape more versatile.

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I think we are coming to the point where there is no real place for a 5 foot 75-95L board in a quiver. Light wind you will want a DW style (longer and narrower) board, strong wind you will want a smaller rippable board.


Well… somehow we all managed to learn and foil around on those boards, longer and narrower does have an advantage but there’s even more to it than that.

Experimented yesterday with my new 60L 5’3 x 21 and older 70L 4’9 x 24, same foil same conditions.
There were a couple of attempts to pump up on foil on the the older “pizza box” style board that failed and I know I’d have got up on the newer lower volume shape. The new lower volume board has much more planing surface than the old one, I’m betting the next size down at 48L 4’9 x 20 would be more comparable to my old pizza box. Volume is much less of a factor than it used to be.

That all said, the pizza box still works fine and does pump a little better with it’s slightly smaller dimensions (but higher volume). Interestingly the new lower volume board is much more stable while on my knees and getting to the handles.

@72 kg I am using:
a) 95 L 6’9’’ x 18.5 DW board when it’s light wind
b) 62 L 4’10 x 22’’ in the waves (we have waves only if there is plenty of wind to get smaller boards going)
c) 32 L 4’5’’ x 19.5’’ when it’s windy and consistent.

All 3 boards work with the same foil. 631 cm2 front wing, 155 cm2 stab. Only if the wind is truly marginal I use a big 14 mm thick glider, 1180 cm2 AR 10.4.


Sounds like you’re on a Flux board! The 60L is what I’m on for light wind winging and switch to the 40L when it gets strong. At 180lbs + wetsuit I don’t feel the need for anything larger than the 60L, which is great because between it and the 40 the space in my roofbox is maxed out.

Definitely agree volume as an all encompassing low end metric becomes less relevant when modern hull design and board “aspect ratio” come into play.

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Yup, my new 60L is a Flux (Omen). As I mentioned in another thread, my feet are naturally more centered (less offset) on the narrower board and with the subtle deck concave it’s been a net positive for roll authority and overall control of the same foils I’ve always used. I wasn’t able to use the bathtub style deck of the Armstrong boards, could never get my size 50’s where I needed them to be. With my pizza box board, I always felt like I needed footstraps to control the same foils (less deck concave and considerably thicker board). Even went to front straps for a while which helped, until I almost tore my foot off in a crash.

I learned on a Fanatic Sky Wing 95L (I’m 72kg) and now I primarily ride an Axis Froth 75L. I did take the 32L prone board (FFB Rubix) out one day to see if I could make it work and while I was able to get it going, I’m not sure the juice is worth the squeeze.

I’m in the market for a smaller board that is somewhere in the neighborhood of 50L. Leaning towards the F-One Rocket S as I like the overall shape and have heard good things. I also like the shape of the Cabrinha Link but not a fan of the bottom and it felt a bit heavier than it should when I picked one up in a local shop.