When to ditch a big tail stabilizer?

I’ve been consistently popping up and riding for 5 or so seconds most of the time. I’m on a Takuma 1095, tbar 75cm mast, and 220 tail. Once up and on foil, the board doesn’t seem to want to initiate the turn. I’m trying to figure out if it feels stuck due to the tail stab being so big, or just my poor technique. To that end, when is it a good time to move off a 220 and onto something smaller like 14" or Takuma 178, etc. Thanks for any tips!

Basic thing is. The stabilizer is there to stabilize… if you are stable, you can go smaller. Smaller is ultimately faster and more responsive. But… If you are unstable, going smaller won’t give you any benefit… just frustration.

However you should be able to turn a 1095 with a 220.

The 220 is definitely slow and draggy compared to the 178. The 220 is not a great match for the 1095, as the 1095 wants to go and the 220 wants to not go.

But… from the info you shared, the 220 is not holding you back, yet.


Definitely try smaller 14 or 13". Turning is about instability and smaller stab allows you to take a bit of control. I find also that a smaller stab allows for quicker correction of mistakes and small pitch adjustments on steep takeoffs. They are also alot faster. You will lose some lift and pumping, but doesn’t sound likr thats your issue rught now.

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IME the 1095 turns really well. I’m told the 220 is not a very good tail but I have never used it. The board doesn’t initiate turns, the rider does so you need to provide heel or toe pressure to roll the foil in the direction you want to go. If you have a 178 definitely put that on.

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