2023 Takuma Carbon Masts now available at Big Winds

We have been anticipating the arrival of the Takuma Carbon masts with updated fuse and the wait is over! A very limited supply of 75’s and 85cm masts with 65cm fuse have landed, next round won’t be until March 2023. Pricing is $1599 for the 75cm w/ fuse and $1699 for the 85cm w/ fuse. Call Big Winds at 541-386-6086 to secure one today (10/17/22):


Here’s a link on a quick video I shot this morning on the details of the new mast and fuse (comes with magnetic case and hardware kit too):


Do the base plates still need shimming or have takuma fixed that with the new masts?

It seems the upward angle of the foil is still there.
Depending on the rocker of your board you will probably need the same base plate shim

I got an axis alu mast to takuma adapter, which came with two fuse shims. I like those way better, since it doesn’t make attaching the mast a PITA. You’d probably need a different one now though, since it’s now two M8, is that correct?

Looks to me like Takuma have fixed the shimming issue that the older carbon T-bar had.

Where did you get this axis alu mast to takuma adapter?

I read on [Takuma foil riders | Facebook] that the new carbon mast is 18 mm thick.

I was hoping that it would 15 mm thick…

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Hi Sjaak, the mast tapers from thick up at the base to 15.43mm in the fly zone (mid way down the mast). I wouldn’t consider this mast thick by any means. We will see the same with the new Armstrong mast coming our way later this month:)

Having just now had access to our bike tech’s digital calipers, the thinnest part of the mast measures 14.75. Pretty good considering the stiffness IMHO.

I ordered one so this is good news, thanks tjgulizia

but… Are they stiff? I feel like once Takuma addresses the mast to fuse connection they could potentially have one of the best setups in the game.

Stiffness has been addressed with the new HD fuse to mast connection….two M8 bolts vs three M6 and a skirt/collar that makes the junction stiffer, and water tight. Everything Takuma customers have complained about with their previous carbon mast has been addressed by this updated design that I can see/feel.

-T.J. Gulizia, Manager

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You guys need to pound on Takuma to get you some of the new fuses (separate from mast). I think a lot of people would buy these for Cedrus / NL setups. I know I would.

I realize that it would require a new Cedrus adapter, but if the fuses were available, but Kyle would be all over that given Takuma is his biggest seller.


If you are referring to the new HD Fuse, I totally agree.

If not, we do have the updated 2023 fuse here at the shop with the standard 3 hole M6, and updated shape.

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Yes, the new HD fuse. Specifically m8 mast connection and expansion tip. I would buy one in a heartbeat, but don’t want to invest in the whole mast setup since I’m happy on the Cedrus.

Any beans you can spill on new foils coming from Takuma?

here the owners of the new carbon mast are not using the word stiff. Stiffer than the Tbar yes… but that’s all.

It would great is someone with access could test the flex and twist characteristics of all these new masts. A lot of stuff in foiling is pretty subjective, but this is a place where numbers could help


Any more info on these new masts? Also wondering if the 75/85cm measurement includes the part of the mast that fits inside the fuselage i.e. making them about 72/82cm from bottom of board to top of fuselage when connected

beans all over the place…