New Takuma Foils?

I have seen leaked catalog photos of all the new takuma foils and understand they’re releasing very soon. All the specs look great. Has anyone on here had a chance to use them yet?

Can you share the photos on here?


Fascinating. The connection is same style but different, so incompatible and still with one extra joint, was hoping for mast>wing. The shape of the anhedral goes back to 1440, and away from 1095, uni, etc. Those tails look interesting, one screw! That’s not progression standard that’s for sure.

Gracias. Super intrigued but I was really hoping they would improve that mast to fuse connection.

@TooMuchEpoxy check this out.

I wonder if that connection isn’t meant to be tight, but rather a butt connection held together with bolts, like cedrus.

I was really hoping they would break their habit of putting excellent wings on dodgy fuse and masts. This feels like a step in the wrong direction. It doesn’t look like you can even shim those tails.

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There’s an entire industry built around them fixing their issues. :laughing: I love my 1210, but I’m interested to see what people are going to do with their NoLimitz masts now? Also, I would imagine that stringy will make new fuse connections to fit on the old Takuma masts. Also, I think takuma is overpriced based on their quality. Interested to see the new prices.

Seems like the foil market is getting more and more expensive over the years. The opposite of what I expected. I remember thinking 2 years ago that gofoil masts were too expensive at $800, now that’s a bargain :woozy_face:

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Will nolimitz release a universal mast based on the old takuma head?

I thought that was what I have, the Takuma No Limits mast.

Stringy makes a heap of adapters for it that pretty much makes it universal imo.
Adapters I have ordered:
& of course it fits the old Takuma.

I believe the NL Takuma is the only mast his adapters will fit on.

There was a stringy direct to cedrus for sale here a bit ago. I can see that with new kujira connection and standard tail mount would be nice. In theory that bigger mating surface with 2-3 m8 could be fine. Cedrus changed my mind about butt joints, as long as they don’t depend on m6.

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Anyone know about that anhedral shape on the bigger sizes? I think I get the 1095/uni shape for initiation of turns, but this I don’t get. Flat breach recovery? Also, I can’t wait for a neutral source to try these, Progression, Armstrong MA, and the new Axis.


Quite funny …Laurent Borgna jumps ship and into bed with AFS with all his blue prints for KII !


more info here- AFS Surf foil - Foil And Co

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Compelling, AFS engineering seems pretty solid

Afs Stabilizers are two hole bottom mounted and seemingly compatible with other systems (and look great).

They also got Chipri!

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Who’s that? The designer? I can’t read anything on the website :laughing:

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Laurent Borgna was the turbicle wing designer along with Cyril coste from TAKUMA ,Chipri was a takuma rider - blonde hair chap - big thighs !
Translate the website into English you numpty :joy:

Laurent has long been the guy I wanted interviewed the most, now more so. Just emailed Cedrus about afs adaptors, and afs about bigger sizes.