Any way to get a downwind setup for $2k in US?

I would like to get a downwind foil SUP setup, but only have budget of around $2k. I live in US-FL Any suggestions?

I do have a DW SUP board in the area I’m not using if you’d be interested. I’m in Jupiter FL too. It’s not the most stable but it’s fast. I learned on it. Let me know if you’re interested

Dims are around 6’8” x 20” ~ 105L

The whole thing? Foil and paddle and board? No. Just the board and paddle? Maybe. Check out stinger boards on Facebook. I’ve heard very good things about their dw boards. Under $2k with a bag.

For the paddle. Look at chinook paddles.

EDIT: There are always deals. I will agree with that. The main problem is there are very few good DW boards on the used market. There are lots of average boards out there. The first few iterations of boards from any brand will be average. Then they’ll get to the good versions.

I have a 6’9” sunova 111L ( I believe) selling for $1250. Left rail a little scratched from paddle n 1 ding on deck near nose fixed professionally.

It is possible, I bought my dw setup for well under 2K