Just got a KT Ginxu, anyone riding them?

Andrew from KT just hooked me up with the 5.2 Ginxu to test, huge thanks KT and Andrew. Anyone riding them? Any tuning/riding tips? I wind be riding strapped, although the straps look sick. Funny how much I’m loving the wing as our weather has switched and the conditions are way better on wing than downwind. So grateful to have both!


I know I watched a review that Nuzzo did on the Real YouTube page a while back. I remember him saying it was hard to get use to having no volume in the back or something along those lines.

Reviewing the board

Comparing kt modles

Not sure you will get anything out of them but It’s something for ya anyway.

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A friend just got the smallest size for prone surfing. He says it pumps easier than his old KT drifter slim, feels weird paddling though.

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I am using a second smallest size (32 L) with a wing.

Yeah we just got our big Shipment of Ginxu’s in and have been testing out a few different sizes mainly the 46L, 62L and a little time on the 72L. The most impressive thing is how dang responsive these boards are… the step bottom is an obvious reason why, less foam under foot, but the construction is SOLID. Its really noticeable in the smaller sizes there is very little flex throughout the board… its pretty rad. As for tuning I ride Lift Foils primarily and I like a +1degree baseplate shim on the Ginxu with 170Ha. Excited to hear your thoughts on them!

@BigWinds, it’s also heavier for same volume. After 2 months with two diff boards(unfortunately not same volume), one heavier than the other. i find the heaviest seems to glide better keep more momentum in lulls and more drive going down a swell than the lighter one. I wonder if it could be validate from your test or my mind is playing tricks on me.thanks.