Next foil Setup - less carve more pivot- "flying the foil"

Going on a foil journey here. 220 Lbs, Competent prone foiler and decent winger. In the southeast US. Looking for my next setup. Love to have some info from experts on foil design your insight would be great.

My riding is definately focused on the “flying the foil” - less leading with my upper body and more staying upright in column and initiating with countersteer. I’d love to keep the twitchy magic of the RS 1000 with just a HAIR more pump (i can pump quad dips - its just alot of WORK)

Spring Foil Sesh 2022 - YouTube for my ride style.

Setups i’ve liked
Most recent - GoFoil RS 1000 - Nice mid aspec wing, super skatey and loose, just kind of a bear to pump at my weight and the mast sizing is feast or famine. Winner for build quality.

I totally wrecked my last one and if i can’t figure out somthing else i’ll just get another.

Kujira 1210 - loved this setup but bent a fuse also it was a hair slow(not a deal breaker). Fuse design probably isn’t enough for my weight and thats not changing.

I like the lift 120 (my crrent daily) its just annoying at my weight having to be so careful not to over pump it.

Setups i don’t like - Gofoil RS 1075 - lot more anhedral than the 1000 (and anhedral increasing all the way to the tips) Maybe makes it want to trip when you skate it around? i have to lead it with my upper body which i hate. If i have one take away here its that anhedral is my enemy(tell me if i’m wrong)

Anything Armstrong - noodle mast and garbage connections are a No Go!

I’d love to hear about foils i’m missing! My short list is RS1000 (last resort), Kujira 1095, Uni Hyper(2) 170. Any build quality feedback? I kill foils…i even killed a gofoil…


How much are you willing to spend? NoLimitz mast and Cabrinha 1000 are probably exactly what you want.

Other than that the Unifoil Vyper’s in the bigger sizes surf really well and pump decently. Haven’t got on the hyper or “Florida Man” foil yet.

Since you stress the foil so much you’re limited to super stiff options.

  • Rs1150 with a plate shim in the back.
  • lift 170 with aftermarket mast and front plate shim.
  • Cabrinha 1000 and mast upgrade.
    -axis anything but I’m not a fan of how they surf.

Look forward to:

  • upcoming cabrinha 1050 with new mast
  • uni 170 progression with katana mast
  • who knows what else :wink:

I’m in the 220+ lbs club. Been loving the kujira 1095 with a extra beefy stringy fuse on an axis alum mast. Stiff, tough and heavy. Much faster than the 1210. Really torn on whether I want to upgrade to the new takuma mast.

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Curious if you have tried the advanced fuse with axis wings? In particular with regards to how they “surf” over a normal fuse.

Haven’t yet but it could fix it. Not sure what’s causing it but they don’t roll over easily like I’d expect. Amazing foils I’m pretty much every other way though.

Looking forwards to trying the advance!


Thanks for the replies. Trying to be patient while I wait for the new gear to come out.

I’ll keep my eyes open to see what transpires. It’s nice having the market move in my direction with the stiffer masts everyone is making. Just hoping I can get a front wing that lands in the sweet spot to go with it.

Gofoil is still the best solution for medium to heavier guys. RS1150 RS850. The 850 is very interesting but I want more time on it before I comment further. Winging the 850 I had to use the 12.5 tail at my lighter weight but easy pump and very good glide and turn.

Lighter guys can ride any of the other companies small HA wings.

Takuma foils look supportive of medium to heavy weights. 1095 and 1210. Engineering and quality is questionable and need after market mast solution.

Your waves look very lazy style in the video and look to be more suited 1150 rather than 1000.

Yeah, i didn’t care for the 1150. After the 1000 it felt very unresponsive. I was riding it with the 70 mast which was definately too small for it also. Unfortunately i’ve found the 80 mast is too long for riding here on the daily. 75 mast would be great but it isn’t a thing anymore!

I mostly just find the gofoil wing sizing idiotic. Scaling the wings by span makes for fundamentally different feels for wings right next to eachother in the range. RS 1300 is a giant span pump machine, RS 1150 is a high aspect surf wing, RS 1000 is a Mid Aspect Ripper. Hard to move between.

The way I see it as a light weight believing the sizing is for large guys

RS1300 downwind or tiny pump surf.
RS1150 surf performance knee to chest high faces.
RS 1000 surf performance for chest high and up.

I have seen world class foiling by medium to heavy guys on RS1150.

For light weight rs1000 up to waste high.

Proned the rs850 today for the first time. 12.5s tail in waist to head high faces. You should demo this foil if you can. I think it is going to blow peoples misconceptions out of the water. For me it turned as good as my 1000 and pumped like the 1150 and maybe better. Glide forever and low stall speed for me. Sounds like bs. I didn’t want to hype it up too much with only one surf but for me I now have one wing to rule them all. :smiley: :smile:

Also looking at the title of this thread I think to pivot turn without stalling one side of a foil I think you need chord for support if your on the bottom end of sizing for your weight.

It would be good to hear what KDW thinks if he can get a ride of the rs850.

My opinion for what its worth.

After my experience with the 1075 thats a hard pass on the 850.

As for the 1150 i owned it allongside the 1000 and sold it because i never used it.

I’m 180 - 185 lb and have been on the Lift 170HA. It has a great pump and glide. It gets tough to control at high speeds but the efficiency on pump is top notch.

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I’ve got a Cedrus mast on order. Going to try a bunch of foils and see what sticks.

I’m adding the Vyper 170 to the list. Its really close to the RS1000 in specs and just a HAIR bigger so hopefully thats enough to keep the turning and take a bit of the edge off on the pump.

Going to try to cab h1000 and lift 170 also.

I’d love something around 1100 Sq cm at 875 mm span if anyone is taking requests!

I’m the same weight, wing the GT1400 a lot in light winds, nice foil and agile too, but it’s little brother the GT1250 might be just what you need, I use it when the wind picks up. 890mm wide, 1250cm2, AR 6.34. I use a garmin watch and all gofoils seem to have the same speed range (top/average kmph) with the RS just a few kmph faster, but when riding you hardly notice it.

I have the rs1000/rs1150 and wing both of these, with the rs1000 the most agile out of all of them. I’m not proning yet but am starting this summer. Shortboard surfer for many years.

The unifoil hyper 2 paired with the katana mast (75cm/83cm) might be a contender for you too at 920mm wide, 1097cm2, AR 7.7 (their website says otherwise) but the formula to calculate AR is span x span / area cm2 / 100. I’m definitely interested in this setup and want to demo.

F-one has the seven seas 1000, 865mm, 1000cm2, 7.5 AR, could be good for you, but with fone tax it’s expensive, don’t know about their mast strength.

My favourite all time foil is a kite foil by sabfoil, W800/399, it’s a glide machine and carves like nothing else 800mm, 840cm2, AR 7.62. I use this as a base to compare all foils I try. I think this is the best AR for the feel I like, in the 7s. I can easily go 25knots kiting or slow down and depower kite and carve chop like crazy on my 1m kite board. So agile, more so than the rs1000 (tried it kiting no good for that).

This is how I dial in new foils on my kite board, it gives me a reliable way to compare against the W800 at very slow speeds carving chop, works for me anyway

W800 vs RS1000


do you try proning the w800? how is it compared to the rs1000?

I haven’t yet, but if you youtube moses 800 or sabfoil 800 you’ll find videos of guys doing it (moses rebranded to sabfoil). Moses has been around for a long time in the kite foil racing scene, and the w671/w800/w1000 are all in the same family. For prone just sand back sharp edges to be safe, you won’t lose much performance. The 671 is crazy scary fast kiting so lighter guys prone probably better than armstrong 725.

They have a new stiff mast too called the kraken, could be good, definitely demo if you can.

I’m in Australia but if you’re close to me welcome to borrow my kit for a blast

there’s a guy winging w800 here with good glide Kite 4 e Wing 4 com Sabfoil W800 - YouTube

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yes i have a kraken and previously had w1000 w940 w799… honestly i haven’t find a good sab wing for prone… not as good as cabrinha H go foil rs or takuma kujira…
i am in France but thank you for your proposal!

so the guys here are riding the cab 800/1000, looks great!

@KDW what’s up with the current cab carbon mast, noodly?

When is the new cab mast and 1050 coming?


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I got some info the 1050 is going to be more HA. Downwind/pump oriented.

Seeing tons of new cabrinha here on Maui so should be getting close to launch! Not gonna spoil it for them but the new gear all looks top notch.