Anyone using the Axis PNG910b for winging?

Currently riding the ART999 and ART799 for winging and the BSC890 for prone. I’m looking at getting the PNG910b for prone to improve pumping but wondering what people think of that foil for winging. I’ve tried the ART999 for prone a few times but it is not so friendly in small, choppy, weak conditions here on the east coast.

FWIW, I weigh 72kg and would consider myself an intermediate winger and novice on the prone (not so great at pumping back out currently).

Thanks in advance.

Yeah a buddy uses it to wing. He’s 145 lbs maybe and can get up in very light wind with it. It goes slow very well.

Another guy out here only has the 910b for prone surf foil and he’s been fine on it for 2 years and isn’t planning on upgrading. It’ll have much more drag than the ART’s though that’s for sure. I think the HPS1050 might be a better choice for you in light wind winging and small waves. AXIS guys are in Florida right now, email them for a demo.

Thanks for the feedback. I still have my BSC1060 for super light wind winging but it might be worth giving the HPS1050 a go as I’ve heard good things. I’ll actually be in Miami starting on Friday so I think I’ll reach out to the Axis folks (Nick?).

I went from a bsc890 to hps 880 … faster, better glide, more efficient pump … (I’m 68kg plus 5mm wetsuit! )

PNG850 for sure, don’t go PNG910b. PNG850 has awesome low end and is fantastic for winging. I would actually like a PNG750 or PNG800 if possible.

How does the PNG850 pump? I was drawn to the 910 as I’ve heard it pumps really well for a wing that still can turn.

Pumps well, glide is not great but you can keep it going and the stall speed is insanely low and the turn is excellent.

910 is probably fine but it’s a bit large for winging and even prone, the 850 is the same area as a Lift 170 so it’s certainly not small.

HPS880 or 930 are also good options. I had the HPS930 for a long time and loved it

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@Rad_Duke you still selling your PNG850?

Gneve, I use the 910B for prone and winging. I have all of the ART’s and like the speed but wanted to pump back out better. I have about 5 sessions proneing on it with the advance crazy and ultra short fuses and it turns really well and pumps great. I’m having way better pumps back out to the lineup with the 910B and it’s also easy to wing with. Can’t recommend this foil enough. I’m old and about 80K’s

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Thanks Kai. Things have been pretty quiet from Axis beyond last year’s releases of new masts, 1310 and the 699. The 910b sounds like it ticks the boxes but wondering what’s around the corner in terms of new foils… I’ll probably sit tight and wait.


I am in the same state of mind. Wanting a png 850 or 910, for the low end, and the global easy to go spirit. I am after the ultimate prone wing. The perfect mixe between pump and turns. Some brands are very close to it (fone skate, unifoil ). And i know something good might come out from axis. Nearly one year of testing, i am sure they have made the job properly. So , i think, it’s urgent to wait.

I have the 850png and it’s great for winging, has very very good low end for it’s size and turns well.

Not a fast wing but a overall a very good foil for winging.