Axis ART 1201 Pro and others

Has anyone tried the new Axis foils and can talk about them? Heard there were a good number of protos out there? Was wondering which one Bez did 3+ hours in the surf on.

I got the 1099 because Jeremy went over an hour on that set up. I consider myself an above average pumper and I have had the hardest time with that wing. Everyone else loves it. I can link just as many waves on my takuma 1210 as the 1099 (3-4). My point to writing this is to try wings before you buy, at this point. It’s so hard to figure out what is marketing hype, what’s true, then most importantly… what will work for you


PS- with all that being said… I still want to hear ride reports and geek out on new gear :laughing:

No prone demos around here… It’s mostly rock… Was just down at REAL they had all the new Armstrong, Lift and North gear… was pretty cool. But no new AXIS and no AXIS demos :frowning: I’m larger, but experienced and a good run in surf is upward of a few minutes, love the PNG and ART lines, for me I find them so much easier., I’m just have a bad case of foil brained / FOMO thinking of the fun of going for even an hour in the surf… It’s kinda like take my money please.
On your note of trying… Going Cedrus and trying the Progression 170 as well.

I also disliked the 1099 strongly, sold it after 20 sessions. Thought the turning was really bad.


The 1099 is just misunderstood :joy:
It wasn’t a good fit for me either but I was trying to use it in conditions it was never designed for i.e. winging in 20+. It was great for pumping around in smaller waves, just wouldn’t go down, but put me in the water for no good reason way too often. Didn’t seem to like the loading up and unloading of winging.

Looks like it would be a great downwind supfoil race wing.

Sold off all my Axis front foils after that but kept masts and tail wings hoping they’ll come out with something great.


ART Pro 1201 announced: ART PRO 1201 Carbon Hydrofoil wing - AXIS Foils

Basically looks like a bigger 1099.

What’s more interesting is a new line of rear wings though: SKINNY - 360/45 Carbon Rear Hydrofoil wing - AXIS Foils

Update ended up getting the Axis ART 1201 pro, 365 skinny tail and crazyshort advanced fuse. Had it out four times prone and once downwind/wing.
Love this foil from the start the super easy to rides similar to the ARTs with the distinction of having lots of speed control and glide. Doesn’t have any issues with the bubbles and white water. Turning is on par with 1099. Used the I’d recommend a 68+ mast tried it on 60 the first time and it’s real easy to go tips out extreme version. Use a 75cm every time after. My buddy rode his on a 68cm mast with std fuse and and loved it too.
This is the exact foil I was hoping to get when I bought the Armstrong HA 1325 and HA 1525 but those just didn’t work well for me.

About me… 6’1-215lbs old guy with almost 3 years foiling prone, wing, kite. Started on Lift moved to Armstrong, now Axis… Mostly foil in Rhode Island w/ small mushies to with yearly trips to Maui, PR and Hatteras.

NEFoiler, How’s the flex in the 1201, sounds like you’re giving it a pretty good test. I felt like the flex in the 1099 was part of why it was so unpredictable at my 200# (the mast was plenty stiff).

The skinny tails are looking awesome, I know I’ll end up with one eventually…


Very controlled with non of the wobbles I’d get with HA 1325 & 1525, but I attribute those to mast stiffness on Armstrong a+ .
Pump speed is great. I pushed through the skinny tail quite a few times it likes the quick double foot pump with a higher tempo. Haven’t jumped it with a wing yet.
Just changed over from 19mm aluminum to the new Cedrus Clydesdale both at a total height of 75cm…
the cedrus adapter was giving me issues loosing up and throwing me all out of wack with whole lower unit wobbling.
Reached out to Kyle gonna try plummets tape and nerd out by using a torque wrench to nip that issue
The weight along on the cedrus is a way better feel and is reading a bit faster on dawn patrol

there is still some wobble and flex with my 1201. It isn’t as nervous as 1099. I have been playing with skidding it into turns with my hips and then carving. It is a huge wing and like other huge wings, if I bank it hard then it is hard to exit that turn. I have it on the HM 900 mast and a KD Marlin stab, silly short. I never expected a wing of this size to be completely wobble free. One of the best backwinding wings I have tried. I can go upwind while backwinding with the 1201. Sooo fun!


Ive foiled drive and attempted to prone the 1201 in small fiji waves, and it was perfect for 1ft high tides swimming pools. The 1201 can catch a wave that hasnt formed, and it gives u insane power. The 1099 on contrast has seriously 50% of the lift of the 1201. The 1099 is not the hardest wing to pump, but the 1201 is a world easier. The 1201 reminds me of my fav axis pump foil which is the 1300. The 1300 is plenty fast, its like a 1150, but way better. The 1201 just takes the 1300 to the next level of speed, which is required for progression especially in waves. The 1099 has half the lift, so easier to takeoff in 2ft waves, but its more technical as you have to stay in the power spot of the wave, also the 1099 doesnt have the ability to catch the lightest of swell bumps, thats where the 1201 shines, in 1ft waves.

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What do you weigh, Meow? I’m 90kg and need a wave to get me on foil with the 1201/FoilDrive. The PNG1300 by contrast boots me up onto the foil on flat water, no worries, on my 42 litre 4’10” KT.

First ride on the 1201 today
Conditions 1ft beachies light offshore
Weight 83kg

First impressions this wing is super easy to ride moderate lift and the the guide is amazing, stall speed I felt comparable to my 980 hps bottom end which makes sense they are similar cm2 could pump it up from a very low speed and once up and going wow did it cover some ground.

Turning was better than I was expecting for a large span I feel it turns better than my 1099

Hopefully update again after a few more sessions.

im 85kg dry. I was able to get up just barely using a heavy series of dolphin kick method on the 1201 using my 41L appletree. This was on the large battery in the flat water. In wavy conditions, its actually quite hard for me to get up without a wave. Beause I am using the side-front-foot battery placement, I cannot get to my knees and do the double arm paddle like I used to do when I had my battery position all the way in front. The 1300 is no problem like you say. I recommend you get to your knees and do double arm paddles, while at the same time pumping your board with your body weight, you will easily be able to get up with a 1201. The 1099 on the other hand is super hard to get up, I managed to get up one time in flatwater using the double arm paddle technique. You’ll be surprised how much speed you can generate by knee paddling. If you had the kalama paddles, u could get up on the 1099 I reckon. See this video: Foil Drive Take-off Technique - Low Volume Prone Boards - YouTube

Thanks, that’s super helpful. I have my battery next to my front foot, too, and haven’t been able to get the double paddle working either. I’ll work on the dolphin kick approach :+1::+1:

I had a proto 1201 that I was using for sup foil dw, I have to say it is a very nice glider, easy to get up and top speed but bad. Definetly a good option for very light days or for intermediate or bigger guys who want to get the glide of the 1099 but with the ease of the 1050.

The only thing is it dosen’t turn, but this is not what you are looking for.

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