Axis ART 1201 Pro and others

Has anyone tried the new Axis foils and can talk about them? Heard there were a good number of protos out there? Was wondering which one Bez did 3+ hours in the surf on.

I got the 1099 because Jeremy went over an hour on that set up. I consider myself an above average pumper and I have had the hardest time with that wing. Everyone else loves it. I can link just as many waves on my takuma 1210 as the 1099 (3-4). My point to writing this is to try wings before you buy, at this point. It’s so hard to figure out what is marketing hype, what’s true, then most importantly… what will work for you


PS- with all that being said… I still want to hear ride reports and geek out on new gear :laughing:

No prone demos around here… It’s mostly rock… Was just down at REAL they had all the new Armstrong, Lift and North gear… was pretty cool. But no new AXIS and no AXIS demos :frowning: I’m larger, but experienced and a good run in surf is upward of a few minutes, love the PNG and ART lines, for me I find them so much easier., I’m just have a bad case of foil brained / FOMO thinking of the fun of going for even an hour in the surf… It’s kinda like take my money please.
On your note of trying… Going Cedrus and trying the Progression 170 as well.

I also disliked the 1099 strongly, sold it after 20 sessions. Thought the turning was really bad.


The 1099 is just misunderstood :joy:
It wasn’t a good fit for me either but I was trying to use it in conditions it was never designed for i.e. winging in 20+. It was great for pumping around in smaller waves, just wouldn’t go down, but put me in the water for no good reason way too often. Didn’t seem to like the loading up and unloading of winging.

Looks like it would be a great downwind supfoil race wing.

Sold off all my Axis front foils after that but kept masts and tail wings hoping they’ll come out with something great.


ART Pro 1201 announced: ART PRO 1201 Carbon Hydrofoil wing - AXIS Foils

Basically looks like a bigger 1099.

What’s more interesting is a new line of rear wings though: SKINNY - 360/45 Carbon Rear Hydrofoil wing - AXIS Foils