Armstrong MA series vs Unifoil Progression

I’ve seen in a lot of videos that the MA 1225 pumps fairly well but the same guys say the MA 1000 doesn’t pump well at all.

The Progression wings seem to be designed and better than most other foils for specific needs: pumping, stable forgiving good turns, low stall speed etc. Right now they can’t be beat!

The progression 125 just came out and has rave reviews! :slight_smile:

The progressions seem to be optimised for larger guys to go slow in the most gutless surf ever. They certainly seem great for these circumstances but that will mean they are a compromise in other normal power circumstances. They look slow in waist high waves or bigger in my opinion.


Why is slower a bad thing? Oscar J and other pros have backed off of the speed-over-everything attitude because they got tired of outrunning the waves. They like something thats a little slower than the HA stuff because it matches the pace of the wave better.

I think in surf foiling you want a foil that lets you surf close to the pocket. I prefer glide over speed most days. But the beauty of foiling is that there’s a bunch of good foils with different feels. So if you want to go fast there’s good foils for that.


I surfed with Oscar not so long ago (maybe 2 months or less) in very good prone foiling conditions and the first half of the session he was on the 725 and the second half the 925 for the necessary pump. Ripping of course.

I think the ma’s of armstrong and axis are great for winging and very heavy prone foilers or beginners not looking to pump yet.

Adam B still looks the best with so much speed and glide that sets up bottom turns way out in front of the wave. The speed differential between the wave and him is significant in both clips and real life. The speed puts him in circumstances that allow for very high performance and carries him through the flat sections with carving speed.

I am sure an eagle 690 won’t work so good in most Florida surfs but in standard east coast Aussie fat burgers it’s a hoot.

All foils are optimised for certain weight, ability and wave power and none work best outside of those parameters. Choose wisely and realistically with this knowledge.


I’m riding the 180 tail and it’s excellent. It has a lot more lift than the 195 tail so I shim 1 degree (red shim). My favorite tail by far.

The 1225 does pump well, but the 1000 requires you to be really high on the mast or it’s a short pump. Both are fantastic in waves (I wake and prone on the 1225 but use both for winging). Armie says in numerous videos that they were designed for winging. Probably the best thing about them is the breach resistance though. Flat breaches and steep tip breaches are no issue at all. For winging in big water this is incredible, you just hang on, drop a bit and keep on riding. I frequently do intentional flat breaches to try to clear seaweed. I’d love to know if there are any other foils on the market that can do this?

I have recovered from a few flat breaches when taking off on waves prone. One I noticed on video a while later and not at the time. Gofoil rs 850. Armie a little late to the party.

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Same experience. A few friends told me I breached tacking and turning hard on wave face, I believe them but can’t feel anything lol. Gofoil RS850.
Also breached on purpose while watching GT1400 &GT2200, same thing, makes noise but that’s it.

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Wow. I wish I had known that. Here I was, all this time thinking I sucked at pumping.

I seriously thought it was a surf foil.

I’ll try the 180 with a shim, but if that doesn’t do the trick for me I’m off Armstrong. I love the way the MA 1000 surfs, the predictability and smoothness of take off, easy breaching, kinda everything about the way it surfs, but just way too inconsistent to link waves.

Oh well. Better start thinking about selling a kidney to find a new brand to go for.