Uni / progression Collab wings prospective customer

They look very nice and the launch marketing is unreal /feels like living in a black mirror episode.

Anyone who has used them have any negative feedback? What conditions/ rider weights etc. are they NOT for?

I think I heard Josh ku mention on latest Casey podcast it was easy to be too lit on them in steeper waves which makes sense as they were designed for Florida type “bad” waves.

How “good” do the waves need to get for them to not be great choice?

Where I live in southern Maine is typically “bad” waves but also certain times of year it’s firing.

What already launched foils are most similar to the uni/progression?

Any clips of NBDs on them?

Plan for smaller sizes ? since both 140 and 170 seem fairly large for average weight ~75kg foilers. Maybe not with the goal of wing for maximizing foil time and connections?

How many months will Erik be riding them exclusively :joy:?

Hope these are helpful questions.


Anybody have the preorder code? I emailed them on the 25th but haven’t gotten a code. I hope they aren’t totally swamped/sold out already!

Reach out to a dealer. I paid for my preorder yesterday.

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Following as interested as well, thanks :slight_smile:

I have a wishlist of foils I would absolutely love to try, lift 120, cab h1000, any unifoll but esp the prog line, north ha850, but no one has one within 200 miles of me. Cab and North are closest and am lining up a test but the rest, forget about it.

The prog line sounds awesome, as would result in me dropping 2K, which I don’t have right now but am saving towards. I wanna be sure of that investment but am also looking at what else I can get in that outlay bracket which would include all the above :thinking:

Apologies for the unnecessary sidebar!

As far as bang for buck and future compatibility, its hard to beat the 2022 Cabrinha H1000 or H800 with a used Cedrus mast. The 2022 Cab is excellent kit and is very cheap right now (I think the foils are ~$600). The Cedrus mast will be compatible if you want to try new things in the future. I have been through a lot of gear, and that setup is going to be hard to beat for the $.


This was informative, lots of discussion on what conditions work well

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The Unifoil pre-order event looks glitchy. Website says password protection for pre-orders will be removed on March 1st. It’s March 1 and pre-order is still password protected.

I recently joined the Takuma broken bolts club and was ready to pre-order.

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I broke my takuma fuse yesterday :laughing:

FYI there was a bad batch of fuse back 2021… you should get a new one no problem if you contact the distributor…

I begged a ride off a prototype 140. I only caught 5 waves on it. So this is NOT a review of a finished product. I will point out one thing I noticed though. At the time I had exclusively been riding a lift ha90/26 carve tail in Los Angeles waves. So a bit more powerful than Florida I’d imagine. Not Hawaii though. (I am 6’1" and weigh 170 lbs, riding a 4’6" 32ish liter prone board)

Coming off the ha90 which has no drag and is very efficient through the water and very easy pitch control due to a thin chord. The progression wing had noticeably more drag. On the progression, I stayed up on foil at much slower speeds and what felt like longer runs. At the time I just wanted to get back on my 90 though.

Those thoughts are probably pretty obvious just by looking at the two foils. Thinking back on it after some time had passed I liked the progression more than I initially thought. There is a reason for the added chord. I’d love to get a ride on a production Florida Man foil. I’d go 140 for sure. Maybe even the new 125 that’s coming down the line.

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I currently ride the Takuma Kujira 1095 with PC + Stringy fuse (M8 connection between fuse and mast) and want something faster/thinner for winging. While it has great glide and turns well, it’s a bit slow on bigger swell and stronger wind days. Seems like the Progression 140 or 125 could be a good fit but also wondering if the Hyper2 is a better option for winging since I assume it’s thinner. Any insights on what would be a better 1095 in this regard for winging (H2 vs. Prog 140)? For average prone days, the Prog line seems like the way to go.

I was on the exact same setup. The 190 H2 turns just as well as the 1095, but is much faster. The top end is much smoother than the 1095 and it doesn’t get twitchy with speed (which the 1095 does when overpowered). On the flip side, it has a higher stall speed, is less forgiving, and doesn’t pump quite as well as the 1095. At least the way I have it tuned, the 190 rides like a much smaller foil (probably more like a Lift 120 or H800).

Everyone at Uni guided me towards the H2 for winging (Cliffy and Dylan included). I am going to pair the 190 H2 with a 140 Prog (on order), but I haven’t ridden that setup yet. After riding the 190, I really don’t find myself wanting for more top end speed, but I realize thats totally condition dependent and YMMV.

Interesting that the H2 190 rides so small at 1226 sq cm area. I was leaning toward H2 170 vs. H2 190 but may want to reconsider b/c glide and pump are important to me and I like that about the 1095. Btw, I weigh 185 lbs.

What will you be using the 140 Prog for? Prone, winging, or both?

I was also guided to a H2 for winging and even small prone surf by several of their riders with access to both foils (prog and H2) saying “I actually find myself reaching for the hyper 2 because it’s just faster”. They also talk about this on the youtube video comparing the two. I’ll put up a full review here tomorrow as I have used this setup quite a bit now

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Just read your post on similar topic where you mentioned using the H2 170 for winging and you weigh 75kg. I’m close-ish at 85kg. Sounds like you’re happy with the H2 170.

Anyone in the SF Bay Area have a H2 170 or 190 I can try? If I damage I’ll replace it. You can use my 1095.

Unifoil pre-order page for the Progression wings is working now. I noticed that the standard carbon mast was NOT available for pre-order with a complete foil setup. I then called Unifoil and they told me the standard carbon mast is getting phased out.

I thought it was strange that the standard carbon mast was getting phased out, but on the Unifoil YouTube podcast about mast stiffness they pretty much agreed that the standard mast was better for prone/tight turns and the Katana mast was better for winging and pumping long distances.

Has anybody been able to compare the standard Unifoil mast vs the Katana mast?

At 140lb, I didn’t think I would see any benefit with the Katana mast.

No progression tail on the first release?

I was all in, but two things concern me

-at 200lbs the 170 as a daily driver will be hard for me to grave-dig on small days

-the price. I’m not sure I want to buy into a system where the front wing’s alone are $1100 :eyes::exploding_head:

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Removing the broken bolt from my Takuma fuselage went much easier than I expected. I think I’ll have to shim my 1095HA front wing a little bit tighter to prevent future occurrences. I never had to shim or experienced any broken bolts on my 980 or 1210

The ease of removing the broken bolt has cooled off my foil fever and I held off on putting in a pre-order for a Progression 140.

I’ll wait a bit longer for the ride reviews to come out and make up my mind if I want the Katana mast or maybe get the NoLimitz mast.

That’s with the fuse. Its $850 without, which is a little more in line.

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