Axis Spitfire released

I honestly have no clue what to think of this based on just pictures. Very interesting new type of shape

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anhedral front wing with no flip in the tip? What is this some kind of joke? All of our high hopes for nothing


Same questions my mind asked…
Also … Really low aspect ratios … and no profile is shown in pictures…
But hey… Let’s wait for some reviews :sweat_smile:


I had a quick go on one of these a while back. It’s definitely an interesting foil and I would be happy with a much longer go on one. I’m not even sure what size I rode, but it pumped good for how it looked, better then I expected and also has a unique feel in turns (in a good way).


This is the 900 apparently.

^ In that video the pumping looks so labored. …but team riders are saying it pumps well :face_with_monocle:

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You know you done fucked up going to uni right? Just kidding. I will report back as soon as my 900 arrives.


I just brought the 900 as well looking forward to testing it out :call_me_hand:t3:

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Would sk8 or takuma 2 be better than spitfire due to higher aspect ratio. Feels a bit low to me at 7.

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lol, I dont think so, maybe. As long as these companies have to compete against each other for the best wings then we all win

This won’t be much use to anyone as it’s not the intended market, but at 65kg, I couldn’t dockstart the 900. I had slightly more success than with the Armstrong MA1000 and could dockstart the 1250 quite happily, for reference.
I’m winging it tomorrow, so we’ll see how it goes.


So for a more serious comment…. This looks like a ripping surf foil for those riding in the axis/gofoil riding style. I feel like any front wing with anhedral is going to want to drive with the rider leading the foil into turns and kind of trip over itself if you try to skate/fly the foil.

I feel like most modern surf foils have been going the other direction - and a lot of us prefer that. This isn’t to say that this style can’t be a “ripping surf foil” - I’m sure the generic “its awesome” positive comments are genuine - id just like some more substance in how it rides, what foot it drives off of, what does it feel like, etc.

I think every new generation that comes out those of us in the skate/fly the foil camp are hoping for something for our quivers but at the end of the day gofoil/axis gonna gofoil/axis.

As far as the aspect ratio comments - it’s a surf specific wing so I’d say it’s in the median for what is a good surf foil. I feel like the progression is an anomaly for t being a giant AR wing that’s good for surf. It’s a high aspect pumper that was also given lots of good design to make it also turn nice. This is a middle of the road surf foil wing. Surf wings don’t necessarily need to pump


I may pick up one of the small models if a small 120 or 100 progression/hyper2 doesn’t get released this in the next few months but I’m expecting this to be a solid 2022 surf wing, based on the design

Hey! There’s nothing more serious than dock starting :slight_smile:


So serious!!

I got my hands on a demo 900 yesterday and took it down the dock… Needs a bit of a run up but no worries to dock start (at 68kg) … Pumps very predictably coming from ART foils … Now the debate is whether to get a 900 or a 840 for prone… Should be a coupla days soon to try it in clean surf… great 1st impression though…

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I´ve tested the 1100 and 1030 and I have to say that for Dockstarting it needs some speed, once on the wave it felt for a wing that big quite loose and turnie, at least turnier than the art pro. Tried both Spitfires with the Skinny 365 rear and on the Ultra Short Regular.
When Proning on the 1030 the take off felt really controllable and I had the feeling that the wing just glides underwater until you want to get going on the Foil.
The waves had no energy to them as it was on a lake.

I have the Spitfire 900. It’s a mindblowing foil. I’ve only had a few sessions on it and I’m probably only pushing it to 50% of it’s capabilities so far.

Groupthink would be to release another anhedrel with dihedral tip crescent outline copycat lift 120/ cab / f-one and assume it’s the best because those three are doing it…

Axis are leading with this shape- and it works.

It pumps incredible and turns so hard you will need to rethink how you turn. I’ve been able to drop 3 tail sizes and one fuse size in three days, and it’s getting crazier and faster.

You can definitely ‘fly the foil’ really hard. It holds in through the most insane connection turns.

I’ll go as far to say the Spitfire is the biggest game changer foil in the last few years.

If you are still stuck in the silly game of ‘i want to ride the smallest foil in the smallest wave’ then maybe it’s not for you.
If you want to pump, glide and do the hardest turns on foil you ever dreamed of, then get a Spitfire.
And the pump is insane. Best wing I’ve ever pumped hands down.

**Also, for any Axis riders coming from riding ART series - I recommend reduce your fuse length (go Crazyshort) and drop your tail size by 25-50mm to unlock this foil.


Thanks for the feedback!

Re my comments on anhedral - my last anhedral wing was a gofoil RSX 1075 - a modern wing really similar to this in a lot of ways - couldn’t get over how if felt like it was tripping over itself whenever I put it sideways.

I’m back on the kujira 1210 now. Always looking for options from manufacturers with robust construction like gofoil and axis. I’ll keep the look out for one to try locally!

BTW what’s your foil background besides ART?

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Just curious, do you have any affiliation to Axis?

Also: have you been on any other top tier surf foils to compare?


Not to downplay your stoke for the new spitfire but it’s hard to know when something is the biggest “game changer”, “incredible”, “effortless”, or whatever other superlative when everyone says the same about a new X, Y or Z foil that just came out.

Unifoil seems to have unanimous praise for the progression series, cloud 9 seem pretty good with their FS wings, new kujira 2 wings just came out, AFS Silk, F-One skate, and I’m probably missing a bunch of other good or even amazing wings on the market.

Have you had the chance to compare with stuff from other brands on their recent gear ? Again I am not doubting your judgment that it may be a good foil, but is it as good as it is being hyped up to be ?