Axis PNG 1300 vs F-one Jam 1900 to learn DW @ 105kg

I’m ~105kg and want to learn to DW. I’m currently winging on F-one gear (Eagle 990 + 790 on a 60L board) and can consistently link swells flagged out. I have the Armstrong 135L board but looking for the right foil to start the journey and minimize the suffering on paddle starts. I was also looking at the Seven Seas 1500 but not sure it’ll provide enough lift at my size. I’ll likely do an Axis 75cm 19mm mast with the Stringy adapter if I go the F-one route with the spannier wings. Anything else to consider?

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Is there a reason you are considering the 1300 over Spitfire 1180 or ARTPRO 1401/1201?

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I’ve never tried the F-one 1900 but I’m heavier than you are and learned on the axis 1300. If you do decide to go to Axis then Slappy is right and the 1180 Spitfire might be an even better choice. I’d also recommend a smaller stabilizer than you might expect. I started with the Axis 460 pump tail and it was too much drag to paddle up. Ended up on the biggest Axis “Skinny” tail and that worked great.

Thanks for the tip on the tails! I hadn’t really considered the Spitfire 1180 or ART PRO 1401. In your experience what’s the most important foil characteristic for a bigger rider trying to learn to DW? I was optimizing for enough lifting area to get started + a high enough AR to keep up with bumps.

Depends on your bumps, they don’t all go the same speed and a single front wing might not be enough to cover all of what you want to ride. You might want to consider a setup where you have 2 front wings and keep the rest the same.

The ARTPRO is known for both low stall speed and ability to go fast, but it’s still not fast enough for better DW conditions so you really need to know what conditions you want to hit.

so…the important quality is speed range of a wing? leviathan pros seem to have a high speed range according to their numbers