Axis for sup DW

Hi, I’m considering buying an Axis foil to start my DW sup foil journey. which foil would be best? I want to purchase something that will last me a long time, I don’t want to buy something that in 2months will be to slow or too big, I will rather suffer a bit more in the beginning. i have spoken with some friends and I right now my options are the new art 1201 or the hps1050.

@Yann, what’s your background in foiling and how much experience do you have?

I’ve been a reasonably competent winger for the last 2.5yrs learning up a steep curve. Moving to paddling has been a humbling experience. The balance on skinny boards has been fine even in chop but paddling up even the biggest axis foil (1310) has taken me 2 months of practice to the point I’m able to lift into foil and keep it going for a few pumps. I’ve also got the 1201 but haven’t even thought about paddling it up as from my wing experience I know it needs much more power and speed than I can generate at the moment.

i have been foiling for about 5 years, starting with kite, then prone and then wing for the last 3 years. no paddling experience. im in fairly good shape. i know I will struggle a lot in the beginning and im fine with that, but I don’t want it to be impossible.

1201 pro will DW most days here in Los Angeles. So, that one.

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1201 is an impressive DW foil. Low stall speed and tons of glide and pump. I sup foil in smaller waves also for many multiples. It is a bit spanny so may take you a bit to adjust. Goes super though. I found 350 p tail excellent no shim. Then once you are going well on that try a skinny tail for a bit more speed. 362/50 goes well with it. No shim.

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Thoughts on spitfire 1100? This was the most attractive to me for dw and sup wave riding based on youtube and reviews.

Adding another data point, I am around 150lbs and have been learning SUP DW on a 1201 with a 107L 7’7" board. Has been working well for me. I recently was able to borrow a friends PNG1300 and got to practice flatwater paddle up, after the second session on that I was able to flat water start it and has helped me dial in the paddle/pump technique that translated well to helping get the 1201 up in the more marginal bumps. I am still not able to get the 1201 up in flatwater though, I can get lifted on occasion but not to enough speed to avoid stall.