Baseplate shimming

Trying to understand;)
I have a foil that are super lifty (made for windfoil) so I stand in front of mast prone or winging.
Will a baseplate shim high under back bolts make me be standing more over mast rather in front of the mast?
Appreciate clearing :pray:

in theory, that would make the foil liftier at takeoff, but once flying your balanced position should be slightly further back.

Before base plate shimming, have you tried negative shimming the tail for less lift (lifting the front bolt of the tail)?

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Thanks, that’s interesting.
Haven’t tried negative shim on tail but that’s a good idea to test

I think foils made for windfoil have a longer distance between the front foil and the mast since they’re designed to be mounted more towards tail of a windsurf board. That would explain why you have to stand in front of the mast.

Wingfoils usually have quite a long fuselage also. You might want to consider a foil meant for wingfoiling instead.

Meant to say “windfoils” have quite a long fuselage also.

Thanks but it’s meant for winging too I think, it’s the Helios MFC ones. They are super fun but a little slow. Compare to the hydros on same fuse they still need to be further back in boxes to conquer that lift.

Looks like they’re made for all types of foiling but the windfoil packages have a 76cm fuselage vs the wingfoil packages with a 69cm fuselage.

You might get a different feeling with the 69cm fuselage if you haven’t tried it already.

Yes I’m on the 69 fuse. I’ll try base shim next time and feel the difference…

You could also try a smaller stabilizer if the negative shim on your current stabilizer doesn’t help enough.

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Thanks, going to try that for sure