Has anyone tried a baseplate shim with the Progression 170 for downwinding?

Curious about anyone’s experience that’s tried downwind with a progression 170 zero shim in the tail but shimming the baseplate one degree (thick edge in front) for front foot pressure.
Saw something on insta where Zane explained this gives you front foot pressure without losing the efficiency that happens when you shim the tail only.

Interested in this. Used the 170 downwinding yesterday for the first time and loved it, but the paddle up was harder than what I’ve previously been using (kujira 1440). Once up it felt much better than the Kujira. I went from 1 degree tail shim to 1.5 2nd run then 2 degrees on third run. More shim helped and matched the speed of the bumps better, but def adds drag. I’m thinking to try a bigger tail to make the paddle up easier next time.

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What size tail were you using please ?

13 shunt. Gonna try Kujira 178 today to see if it gives it more low end

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One wave with the 178 today. Prob a blast towing, but def threw the brakes on compared to the shiv

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I don’t own a Progression, but I do use the -1° at the mast (foil pointing to the nose of the board 1°) for downwind SUP.
I have a AFS Pure 1100HA (1100mm Span/11AR), same area but different foils, yet still the principle it’s the same, you´ll get more front pressure and a bit easier take off when conditions are on the limit.
When swell and wind goes ON :fire: I would rather shim it to 0° on the mast. I don’t shim stab since you’ll add drag to whatever you want to move other than 0°.

AFS has this interesting concept that the rake degree goes directly on it’s masts depending on the mast size, since each mast is usually mostly used for specific purposes.
78cm (the one I use) comes with -1° rake (So I don’t have to shim it, unless I want to take it to 0°) - This thinking about being mostly used for prone - sup - downwind and you’ll add that better low end.

85cm mostly used for winging - 0°
97cm mostly used for racing - +1°.

Go for it, try it! The Progressions are a more focused on low end foil, so I guess you’ll add a lot of grunt power for small conditions.

Hey, been playing with a shim on the p170.

First I did the 170-med fuse / shiv 0 degrees. Surfed well but had too much back foot pressure, had to shuffle back a lot.

I switched to the shunt tail and it balanced my stance, but added a bit of drag.

I went back to the shiv tail and added a 1° base plate shim in the front. This balanced my stance, great for surfing, but made downwind pop-ups harder.

I then went back to the shunt tail with no shim. The added lift from the tail made take-offs a lot easier, also sharp turns are a lot easier, I deal with the drag and pump harder.

To correct the stance I shuffle back a lot once up. My solution would be to move my mast forward, but it’s as far as I can go.

Kinda stuck at the moment, hoping improvements in my paddle technique and timing will overcome all the need for lift and I can ride the fastest/efficient combo.

If you could follow that, let me know if I’m missing anything.

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Was reading that thinking move forward, but being box limited sucks. Most of my masts have holes drilled about an inch back from the stock holes so I can get an extra bit forward. I drill M6 holes so you’re not losing carbon. Never had one break on Uni, Lift or Cab.

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