Beginner seeks Advice on Foil Surfing on long period Glassy Swells

My journal entry for today:

Morning 25 May

Low tide was at 7:52. I got up at 6am. Thankfully it wasn’t overcast at sunrise. I was on the water around 7am. I had my FDAP, motor 6" below the board, and my PNG 1010. This was my best surf foiling performance. I guess I had ten rides with a long controlled flight. One thing I was aware of was getting high on foil is very important. The reduced drag makes a big difference. I could now add some energy by foil pumping. I do think the PNG 1010 is superior to the SP 860 here for riding about .9m high, unbroken, long-period waves. I had the entire first point break to myself. No one else came out. This was about 18 days after I started teaching myself to foil surf with a Foil Drive at San Juanico. I’m very happy with my situation. I really don’t think I could succeed at prone foil surfing. Perhaps I could catch one of these waves with a barracuda board and hand paddles. I’m quite happy that I can be out there having lots of fun foil surfing with this equipment at age 66. I got an excellent dose of cold therapy as well.

I decided to hunt for some 2nd Gen Axis wings. I have a friend and business owner in La Ventana, BCS. I’m buying from him used: an HPS 880, an HPS 1050, a black Advance CS fuselage, and a 375 progressive rear wing. I’m going to pay him most of the money and he trusts me to pay the rest. A friend of his will be bringing the items when he travels to SJ the day after tomorrow. I think I was quite lucky to find this deal.


Sounds like fun! Enjoy those long period lines by yourself!

Both the 880 and the 1050 will suit your plans nicely. The 1050 is capable of doing what you want to do. Staying high on the mast is an important part of riding unbroken waves. You’re stoked. Cool to see how fast you’re progressing too.

Glad to hear you think these wings are suited for me. I’m looking forward to being out there tomorrow morning. I feel Zi’m doing well now with the PNG 1010 but I will want to ride faster along the wave face.