Best Armstrong dock start set up?

What do people think is the best / easiest set up for learning dock start using Armstrong gear?
I’m 185cm and 86kg
I’ve heard a few say the 1850 is still good.
I have 1325 HA and 1550 V2 as my “big foils” and A+ 85cm mast. Have not tried the 1525 HA as yet.
Have a 2020 4’5 Armstrong carbon board.
Tail and shim set up? Track position? What are the thoughts on making it easier?
Been trying the three steps and jump on beside the board technique. I can pump with not great technique in the waves and two for one on the prone / tow boards and sup foil. The 1125 and 925 is a struggle so far to pump as I find need a lot of speed / momentum to keep it going.
All help appreciated, committed to learning it. Thanks

I think you should try get your hands on a cheap cf2400 if you are starting to learn. I could dockstart on an axis setup no probs no Runup about 1600cm2 and struggled on 1550v2 for a few sessions, tried a 1325 and that was it even harder. When I did get it happening on the 1550v2 it was with mast full forward. Am 75kg

Ok thanks for the thoughts.
That’s interesting that you found mast full forward for the 1550 worked well.
I haven’t even tried the 1550V2 as I haven’t mastered it yet and feel that’s too small for me.
Will keep at it. Also now trying a full Axis pump specific set up.

Yeah I would add I don’t think any of the Armstrong wings are very good for dockstart. Looking at getting an axis setup myself just for dockstart and sup dw paddle ups

I think it’s just mostly me and current skill level plus also a weight thing for all the various wings. An athletic 65 - 70 ish kg rider may be fine on say 1125 - 1325 or Axis Art range. I see very good riders / pumpers going great on Armstrong and other brands but that being said Axis fully embraced the idea with the pump and glide range etc and now new stiffer lower drag mast. It seems to have proven to be great and I’m finding I just need all the help I can get at the start here so looking going to switch over brands plus try couple board options and keep at it for the pure dock start and just pump as long as possible idea. Yeah for sure it’ll translate into DW and linking up multiple waves in small surf. That is still on the list for me.