Best Axis setups for Prone?

Any thoughts on best Axis setups for prone foiling?

Context: I’m a lifelong surfer who picked up foiling last spring and I’ve learned on generously loaned Axis gear in weak NorCal waves. I’m only ~125lbs (55kg). Just getting to the stage where I can link cutbacks into multiples… lots to learn still but for now I’m focused on trying to progress prone w/ a carving approach (too old for airs) - and no downwind/winging aspirations yet.

Right now I’m running:

  • 810 BSC front wing / sometimes a 910 PNG in tiny waves
  • Older 340 tail wing
  • Crazyshort black fuselage
  • Aluminum 680 19mm
  • 4’6" x 28 liter JS Black Eagle

I love the way the 810 carves but obviously harder to pump than the 910 PNG which is pretty stiff for me on waves. I bought the 810BSC but the rest is on loan, and I’m wondering what Axis gear to invest in to get a complete setup. Stoked to find this forum and learn from all the knowledge here!

Questions on my mind:

  • What tail wing would people recommend to pair with the 810 BSC given my size/ability/conditions?
  • Advance vs. regular crazyshort fuselage? Sillyshort?
  • I could pick up a cheap-ish first gen Axis carbon mast Would that be OK given I’m not winging / riding bigger high aspect foils?
  • Worth trying the 850 PNG if I find the 810 BSC harder to get multiples on, or just focus on refining my technique?
  • Worth investing in a Freedom ~4’ board given that the JS is a pretty old design and low liters for the length?
  • Should I get off Axis entirely given prone isn’t really their focus and switch to…? Unifoil Vyper 140? Wait for the Unifoil Progression?
    Bonus thoughts on tuning/shims specifically for Axis prone w 810 BSC?

I’m still new to all this so sorry for any stupid questions. I’m also still wrapping my head around the costs involved as I grew up getting cheap boards and also believing technique/time in water was way more important than gear, so it’s been an adjustment for me to see how huge of an impact the gear makes in foiling. But so stoked to have picked up foiling this year, I was getting pretty eggy after 30 years of shortboarding in increasing crowds…

Thanks all for any feedback, much appreciated!

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NorCal to me means wind. So stay on AXIS. Get a 75cm mast. I rode the 16mm, but most people are on the 19mm for the extra stiffness.

The 910b is good at pumping and going slow. So if pumping is your goal and you’re in small waves then you could just use that for everything.

I’ll guess you want to go faster and have less drag though. Look into the ART’s for that. 999 is a good middle ground. 1099 is for pumping and staying up on long runs, but the wide wingspan is hard to turn. The 899 is for surfing on a fast efficient wing, but mistakes will be punished, so your pumping skills have to be on point.

The 810 you have is a good foil, but slightly to big in my opinion. I think the 740 is a much better surf foil. No need to replace the 810 with a 740 though. Use what you have, pump easier.

First thing you need to do is buy a progressive tail. 325 or 350. That will make the largest difference for the least money.

2nd thing is buy the 75cm mast. You could go 82cm too if you have deep enough water to not hit the bottom. Then that will be more useable when you learn to wing.

You could also buy the ADVANCED fuse if you want a more surf like feel. Apparently it makes a big difference.

I did not mention the HPS foils as they aren’t a huge change for you right now.

EDIT: I had the black eagle. It paddles good and pumps good. I plate shimmed the tail rocker out of it. If you haven’t been bothered by the board, then you can leave the board for awhile.

James Casey rides prone plenty and Jeremy Wilmotte is a prone in the surf guy. AXIS is fine for prone surf foil.


Thanks for the reply @Hdip !
I think shimming the mast is a good call, that board does have a fair bit of rocker and I’m riding the mast pretty far back

Best axis prone setup I’ve tried was the 810 with I think one of the shorter advance fuselages and a KD14R. Rode awesome and was very happy with it in small to medium waves. Stall speed was a little high. 82 mast.

350 progressive could be substituted for the 14R. I’d also mess with plate shims to dial in feel.

910 could be really fun for a more glide-focused wing and I’ve had some great surf/downwind runs on the 930.

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What tail would you think suitable to match with the 899? I have a 400 speed and it’s fine but not great in turns, wondering 300/325/350 or KD?? Looking for easy pumping but primarily fun turns and easier transition into turns, rail to rail etc

weak NorCal waves


I’m guessing this means Cowells but even then everything north of Point Conception is 3x the size of what we get in socal. And in socal I feel overpowered at Seal Beach fairly often (I ride an axis 980 and weigh 175)

Thanks @KDW I’m going to try a smaller progressive tail and see how it goes.

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I can’t imagine your waves are weaker than our waves in Florida, it’s almost physically impossible. Besides “weak waves” means “good waves” in foil speak

Get a KD tail or Progressive 325 tail. Definitely get a 75 or preferably 82cm mast.

Also 850PNG is great for surf, so is 880HPS or 930HPS.

1099 is a completely different sport pretending to be a pelican gliding but it sure is a fun sport!

In summary: get a 82cm 19mm mast, a new tail, and add a 1099 to your quiver and you are set for everything!

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Thanks @Rad_Duke
And point taken on the “weak” waves - I wasn’t trying to suggest weaker waves than Florida or SoCal. Just saying that I’m foiling so far in chest high and below waves. I’m not trying to foil on days/spots you could shortboard, which we do get plenty of in NorCal at exposed spots. My frame of reference is surfing in NorCal, with a lot of time spent riding guns in bigger waves. So comparatively all the waves I’m foiling feel weak to me.

How does the Axis 19mm mast compare to the others on the range? I can’t imagine getting a HM carbon, but wondering what the advantage would be for smaller wings, especially faster 899? Perhaps better for pump efficiency? I find the 19mm mast unless I’m really high up feels pretty draggy on the 899

After having a takuma quiver + an axis 1150 for dock starts etc, I recently started thinking about filling out my axis quiver in a way that replicates what I like about takuma, with the goal of having one brand. Ideally I’d find a quiver of different sizes of the 1210 shape in a way. In my closest break I have to learn how to escape through the whitewater so a user friendly forgiving foil is key I think, and something slower like takuma for smaller waves, but pumps well. So I ordered the png 850 and 910b as my best guess. I’ll see how that goes, but I’m trying to think about how to fill out the rest of my potential quiver. Png 1010 for learning DW after 1150, or straight to 910? For a ~1000 cm wing I’m undecided between the bsc 810 and hps 830. Btw I’ve tried the 1099 and decided I wasn’t ready for it yet, maybe because takuma seems so friendly I was spoiled.

I just got an HPS 880 and by far my preferred foil between the 910 and 899 so far. Huge relief on the pump compared to the 899 but not unpleasantly slower, turns really nicely etc. I would strongly argue for that across the range unless you have really like the PNG feeling.

I concur that the 880 is an excellent prone foil… forgiving stall speed, easy to pump and turns great… pretty much a quiver killer within the diverse range of axis wings

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During my previous attempts at filling out my axis quiver with some arts I also got an 880 but returned it before using it. I thought it too similar to my 1210, maybe a faster 1210. But I was planning on keeping takuma at the time. Our typical waves are 2-3@~8s or so, and I don’t particularly care about going fast so I’m thinking (hoping) the small pngs will work.

@FoilFondler have you been able to get a few sessions on the 850 or 910b? I’m debating these two foils for small east coast prone. At my level (beginner), I’d sacrifice maneuverability for better pump which has me leaning towards 910.

They are in the mail, or will be….

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810 is plenty foil for 125lbs. It’s my go to foil most of the time at 165lbs and have no problem connecting multiple waves. You need to get a progressive tail.

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