Best mast for proning with the Progression wings

A friend uses the Axis mast with the Progression 170&140. He’d like to get the ideal mast for prone. 2-4ft (0.6m-1.2m) 7-8sec period.
Some of our spots are shallow, but one of our crew uses 80cm so it definitely works (the rest use 75cm).

He tried the old version Unifoil mast and it was way too twitchy for him, being used to the super-rigid Axis alu mast with the wide 170 wing.

What would be the ideal mast?
Progression 80cm
Katana 75cm
Cedrus aluminum 80cm

No limitz and Carbon cedrus are above his budget.

Everyone seems to be offloading Uni gear in favor of AFS, Code, & will probably do the same when the new KT stuff comes out :laughing:

Just try to pick up a 75 Katana for cheap. Perfectly good mast.


It depends a lot on your swell and conditions. I think for groveling in gutless swell a prog 140 and a 75 will beat a 170 on an 80

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The Progression 80cm is a great mast. It was a big upgrade from my aluminum cedrus. Just as stiff but better feel under foot and cutting through the water,