Board volume for 46kg/100Pounds woman Rider | Downwind flatish water and open ocean

Hello foil frothers,

I´ve been wandering on this forum for quite some time, now me and my wife decided we will start our downwinding journey together.

We are both advanced wingfoilers riding waves, we live in Tenerife during the winter and Germany (inner lake) during summers.

The ongoing plan is to get the gear now, *I ordered a ginxu dragonfly 2 in 121 L for myself, and practice flatwater starts periodically on the lake. We ride axis, so I´m planning to start with a PNG 1310 for the flatwater.

The question is, which board volume will fit my wife´s weight. The main conclussion seems to be to start with a +40 L size relative to rider weight, but 46 kg is way under the average weight span to use this formula.

I was thinking to get an 88L board (either the standard dragonfly in 6´6"-18" or the crossing 7´6"-18"), but would like to get a second opinion on this.

Keep in mind we are begginers, but fit and only on our early 30´, with wingfoiling in open ocean and breaks experience.

Thank you in advance for the feedback!!

Have a good one!

Body weight x 1.4. so 46 x 1.4 64L or thereabouts. The main problem will be you still want some length. (longer boards paddle easier and faster) So you’re going to need a custom most likely.

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The Gong Cruzader comes in volumes down to 52-liters. But those are getting quite short, I don’t know if that’s the right thing to do, I would expect lighter riders still want 7+ foot boards for the paddle speed.

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Thanks for taking your time finding these tips on the pod!

I think something in the 70L mark, around 7´-7´5 long and 17,5" wide will be good for her :wink:

Going with extra volume won’t hurt especially when learning. I’ve found that long and skinny are more important than volume. I wouldn’t be to focused on liters as much as I would the design of the board. Something in the upper 7ft range should be a good starting point. Then start looking for correct liters to match. Maybe in the 90 range. I think if you’re choosing between the crossing or the standard dragon fly the crossing would be a better fit. Probably easier to get going and paddle up

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