Box placement for 7ft downwind board and lift 120

Aloha all,

About to have a sup board made and curious about any feedback on box placement. My goal is to have the mast set in the middle of the boxes using the lift 120. My previous DW board at 6-4, the boxes needed to start at around 20.5" from the tail in order to have the mast be centered.

The new board should come out to around 6-10 or 6-11, any thoughts on where the boxes should start from the tail? Mahalo!!

Wouldn’t you just (a) figure out your foot position relative to the foil, (b) figure out your desired stance on the new board (the volume / length should dictate this to some degree), (c) apply the foot/foil offset to determine the foil position on the new board? Yes, the swing weight will move things around a little bit, but this makes more sense to me than trying to translate the distance from the tail from one board to another. More for discussion fodder, but any reason why this wouldn’t work? Ive done it on other boards to figure out rough foil position, although not a DW board.


For me with some of the protos we’re doing I’m finding that optimal takeoff and flying position is different. I like a certain balance flying but that gives you a ton of tail for takeoff. In good bumps that doesn’t matter too much, when its weak I have to upsize foil for optimal riding, or go smaller and then have more nose than I want for the run… Some of that can be solved with shimming, but tail shim comes with more drag and plate shim can get funky getting up. Futures makes long boxes up, I think 17in is the longest. That makes the decision a lot easier.

Hi Roy,
Interesting, thanks for the info on your placement… Did a 7’0x22" recently with a one-shot and put the box 17" from tail. With Armie & Axis that box is 3\4+ up the box… With the caveat that it was my first DW board and still figuring it out. Next one will be more fwd 2-3"

Don’t have many pics but here’s one pre-hc