Foil Box Placement on 7'4" down wind board

I’m shaping my first down wind foil board and I’m looking for some suggestions on how far off the tail I should put my boxes. I’ve got 10" boxes so I want to be pretty close.

I did some searching on the forum and saw a few people put their boxes at 17" on boards that were 6’7" - 7’0. I was thinking of putting the start of my box 19-20" off the tail. Is there some kind of standard I could use? Should I move it forward a bit more 22-24"? Appreciate any advice.

I have a 7’8 downwind board from a local shaper.
My 10inch boxes start 22" from the tail and I run my progression 170 all the way up front on the box.
Feels pretty balanced while paddling and riding.

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Thank you! Appreciate the response. I’ll probably put mine the same as I hear most people saying they are running the foils all the way up