Carry case for foil tools, screw gun, shims, tef gel, extra screws, t-nuts, etc.?

I’ve been using a small backpack and a couple of zipper cases for my small foiling tools/accessories and get tired of digging around for stuff. What do you all use for this? I have to drive anywhere from an hour to 4 hours to foil so I don’t want to be stuck without something when something breaks or goes missing. Thanks for any ideas!

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I use a tool tote kind of like this one (mine is cheaper from Harbor Freight):

Then I use a couple parts organizers like this:

Tackle box

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Dakine has a compact tool roll that I like. I fit the necessary torx keys, a screwdriver, foil hardware (some extras) and shims. If I’m bringing multiple tails, I just wrap them in the roll like a burrito. Not sure it would fit a screw gun (also not sure thats necessary).

I used to use bigger containers and my hodgepodge of gear got a bit out of control. It almost feels like I’m LESS likely to leave something at home if I have a pared down selection of essentials vs not really knowing all the crap thats in there. Leave the non essentials in the garage - no need to shlep a ton of unnecessary stuff around.

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I started working on an organizer for all of these parts after leaving the wrong track nuts (f-one vs anything else) in a different vehicle a few times too many - my goal is to fit a pair of axis hardware sets w/ all extras in a rigid case where the fasteners thread in so they can’t rattle.

Hopefully I’ll get back to that project in the next week or two (prior to some upcoming foil travel, too)

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I have a couple of these for bolts/screws

Honda Element works for me!

Everything in an open Makita tool box with two small plastic boxes inside: One holds only the screws needed to set up the foil. The other has extra screws tef gel etc. This way I can sit the essentials box on my board to set up / break down and prevents these screws from contaminating the rest with any sand and saltwater after a session.

The tool roll seems like a great solution. I just have a powered screwdriver to make setup/switches quicker in our colder temps. Love the idea of less stuff makes less chance you forget something. Very wise… :slight_smile:

I used to bring a stanley tool box that had separate compartments for bolts and little stuff. But with k2 having m8 bolts for the tail that are the same as the front wing bolts, I just have a little mesh bag for the bolts, so they dry, and the t40 wrench. I have holes for a marlin but never have the gear to attach it! One wrench and only two sizes of M8 bolts(not counting wingnuts) are more life changing than I’d have thought.

Consider a small zippered tool bag with two-three plastic 1/2 pint take-out containers for screws, shims, etc. Not beautiful, but cheap, nothing falls out if it gets knocked over.

Dry box with foam

Multiple sizes of Dry Boxes with foam inserts

I poke the bolts and things into the foam and nothing gets knocked around. Tidy and functional :slight_smile:

Duotone mast sheath has a zippered pocket, brilliant idea as if you’ve forgotten your mast a missing screwdriver is least worry.