Stainless Tools

I’m excited to have upgraded my torx and hex tools to full stainless. That’s all.
Wera 022687 Multicolor Torx HF Stainless L-key, T30 x 195mm

Wera 022705 5 x 154mm Stainless Steel Ball End Hex L-key

purchased from


The top one is included with the purchase of an Omen Foil. I was so surprised to have a real tool included when I opened up the package.

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Great tools! I’ve been using these Wera tools for a few years now. Highly recommended.

Wera, Weha or pb Swiss are are excellent options.

Likewise, Wera quality is amazing. I have the screwdriver sets and barely any rust.

I bought one of these, it works well, but too long for surf use. Hasn’t rusted too badly.

Dream of an L key T30 T40 combo at Wera stainless quality… If anyone has any insight into what it would take manufacture (and crowdfund) a custom quality foil specific tool, please share!

I have a @ProjectCedrus multi tool and I love it. Great quality - a little surface rust after a year and the washers are due for replacement but it’s still hanging strong considering how many salt water baths it’s had.

We need to talk him into adding a couple L tools (like to above) to the lineup.


There are double ended bit blades with T30/T40 (I have one). You just use that with a driver handle, and flip it around. Similar to what the Uni tool offers, but not an “L”. You can by “T” handle handles that offer the leverage of an L.

More pieces, but works well.

What I can’t find is a T30/T45 dual tool.

I’m looking for something for in the wetsuit pocket, with the rust treatment of the Wera. I considered taking one of those T30/T40 bits and setting it in an epoxy grip, but lost interest when nothing ever lasts longer than a month or two once salty (other than the Wera stuff)?

It would help to know what treatment is rust proof. The Uni cr-v rusts to pieces almost as quickly as the Axis stainless

Ive also seen people solder a drill bit to a quarter for a DIY version.


Foilite is epic!

I really wish they made the Foilite without the bottle opener. It looks absolutely amazing except that it has a sharp point, which is the last thing I want in my wetsuit pocket.


You guys use the pocket in wetsuits? I just pull the neck open and throw all kinds of stuff down there. Going on 4 years with that method and haven’t been stabbed yet. The worst that’s happened so far is after pumping a bunch and everything has moved from my chest down to my belly button. Thankfully it’s typically when winging and the waist belt stops it from going further.

Yeah that was a pretty bad design idea. Whoever thought anyone would care about having a bottle opener on this.

Personally I want custom wing screws to make a T40 with the wing screw head he uses for the screws, he has this but the wings are too long, you’ll have to turn, remove, insert, and turn because it’ll hit the mast. If they we’re the same head you can just insert it once and twist until its done.

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A few items from the world of mountainbike multitools:

Fix it sticks
Park Tools MT-1 (a favorite of mine…out of production but you can find them out there…going to clip off the pointy ends on mine)

Would love it if you could have 2 connections of your choice on the Foilite…I’ve gone to all 4m and 5m hex


Unpopular opinion…but, Hex is better. And I say this as an F-one rider whose current hardware is all torx. Actually going to convert everything to hex next chance I get. Better options for good stainless tools (ball-head hex L-keys from wera are insane…and McMaster Carr has you covered for wetsuit pocketable tools). And hex is just way harder to strip.


Hex is not harder to strip. In fact that’s why Torx was invented. More contact and less camming/stripping.

Only issue with Torx in this application is that it is slightly more succeptible to sand getting stuck in it, but otherwise it’s just better.


Nah. That’s just wrong. I get that that is the idea behind it, but in reality those smaller teeth are more prone to stripping with any slip or less than perfectly flush tooling. I say this as a guy who’s been on hex gear and torx gear for a couple years each. Hex just works better, faster, and with better tooling available. Just got back on some lift stuff and it was such a simple joy to drop a ball-head hex tool in and spin those bolts out in a snap.

Fight me :joy:.


Exactly. At least for the mast plate screws - hex over torx anytime. Much more convenient, you don’t need to align the key perfectly.

Another vote for hex. We don’t really need to apply the kind of torque torx was designed for. Hex is much faster, a 4mm L shape “sticks” in the socket and can be spun w/ one finger (not with torx). You can find a 4mm hex wrench almost anywhere and they’re tiny, easy to carry.

Sure the hex socket may strip out sooner but in a year it’s never happened since I switched. The tiny points of the torx head don’t stand up to corrosion as well as the mass of a hex.

I could go on… :joy:


yeah I do this too, phone, tool under the chest zip, snacks in the sleeve

I haven’t had a suit with an actual key pocket in ages, wouldn’t mind a lower back external zip pocket for the phone like they have on the new hooded rashvests