Chicama Trip - Longest wave in the world

Hey everyone

Wanted to share some clips on our recent Chicama Tow-in Foil trip.
Spent a week there, amazing conditions, foiling around with Laird and Titouan, awesome waves and learning a lot.
Was able to wing foil too, but focused mainly in Tow-in.
I think this spot it’s gonna gain a lot of traction and probably will get at some point crowded (fortunately it’s a really big spot with lots of waves when there’s swell), so gotta remember it’s a surf destination mainly and it’s very important to not go too hard on the inside were surfers are. Other than that, there’s a lot of space for sharing waves.

Questions that surge, I’ll be glad to answer, just be patient :smile:


Looks so good, would love to go there one day.

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great, now my right leg is aching just from watching that :sweat_smile:


Looks so epic!

Heading there next month, did you try multiple foil setups, what worked, what didn’t?

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Hi Gary!
Well, I went with the idea that I needed something small and with longer mast … So went with my Cloud IX 550 and 86cm mast.
On a smaller day tried my 900 AFS Pure, I could handle it but, went back to my smaller possible foil.

So … Depending on swell, I had a good week swell, you’ll be fine with whatever the smallest thing you’re used to ride, don’t go on the extreme of trying something you have no idea if it’ll work
As a reference, I was foiling with Titouan Galea, and he was also on a 550, there’s good energy there, but you gotta know your foil, cause there’s also some days of strong off shore wind that pushes you back.
Hope this helps.

Thanks for the reply, this is helpful. Unfortunately I only have some larger foils like the Uni Progression 170 and 140 to match our small and low energy Florida conditions. I’m working on getting something smaller and the takeaway from your response is that I should practice with it so I’m not learning it there.

Hey Gary! How much do you weight?
I’m a lightweight so 550 is plenty of power for me. Most people were doing just fine on their bigger setups, it’s just that I wanted to push my progression on “power” carves at full speed and trying to get as much inside the pocket as possible (learned a lot from to Titouan aboht ut).

Probably you’ll be fine with the 140 and also you can try shimming and throwing the mast back so you reduce lift and maximaze playfulness of your quiver!! It’s a great playground to play with your foils. Also hope you get a good swell… But not always is that big, so, progression unis could be a lifesaver too.

This was the last sesh of the trip, got really really good, peak of the swell we had.

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Damn, those photos look insane! I weight 145 lbs, yeah I’m probably overthinking it and the 140 will work fine. Might be fun to have a smaller foil to play around with but I’ll ponder that. Thanks for all your info.

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Damn, that trip looks awesome! I weigh in at 142 lb. If I go and get similar conditions, I would be riding the Lift 70HA.

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pretty sure it’ll work if the swell it’s big enough!!! those pics were from a peak of a swell, so keep in mind not all days were like that, so the 90HA will be a great option for the rest of the days too :slight_smile:

I went there about a year ago and got good swell for the week. Smallest foil I had was Kujira 980 and i was way overfoiled on the bigger days. When I go back I’m gonna take a smaller/faster surf foil for sure

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Hi @OmarFoilCol, couple more questions. Are there any good options to prone there? Assuming it’s dependent on conditions but curious if that was ever viable for your trip. Also, do all the boat dudes know how to tow a foiler? Pulling them up, putting them in position, even whipping them in? Or do you just drop the rope when you see a wave and pump into it…

Hi Gary! Prone for me at that time wasn’t an option, currents were just too strong and even the surfers uses boats to go back to the point or have to walk 15 to 25 minutes to walk around back to the initial point.
The ones that do foil usually know how to place you, but if you know how to pump to the wave you’ll better your chances too :sweat_smile:
I can only assume too, that as they receive more people they are getting better at towin techniques.
you can call this two guys and try to arrange prices and schedules:
Mayco = +51 981 519 141
Romario = +51 973 356 045

Not everyone with boats go with the foils, some of them prefer not too cause it put a lot of pressure and more abuse per hour on their boats.

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Hi @OmarFoilCol, me again! Is there an optimal tide situation? Curious if that is a big factor on the conditions. Looks like Surfline is calling it 3-4 and 4-6 for our upcoming trip.

Hey Gary!
I don’t remember giving much attention to that matter. I had a good swell well and it may affect the shape of the wave, but not much the size of it. Paid more attention to the wind, can get strong sometimes in the afternoon and it’s side off shore, so it’ll be pushing you off back the wave, but it’s manageable.

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