Maui May Wave Foiling

Planning on doing a 3 day Maui stop over en route to a family trip to Kona (thx to everyone for the beta on that part!). I’d love to spend some time winging or towing into gentle swell/waves to branch out from my usual inland wing scene. Does anyone know of any local riders or small businesses who might be interested in coaching/instructing me on my swell/wave riding? I’m absolutely expecting to pay for someone’s time, not looking to impose on anyone or poach local spots. Also, any spots that I could go (besides kanaha) where I might find foiling conditions conducive to this aspect of my progression? Thx for considering, can’t wait to step up my foil game!

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Message @zaniac on instagram. Zane Schweitzer has a shop that will set you up and he might even run the lesson.

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Awesome! Message sent. :pray:big thx!

One more I happened across.
(I don’t have any experience to recommend personally, but sure do hope to find out someday soon!)