Dave Kalama Discusses V2 Barracuda Range

A worthwhile listen; here’s a quick summary of the new range:

Barracuda V2: Six sizes, ranging from lower 7’ (mini) to upper 8’ (big).
Barracuda XP: Extreme performance, on the long/narrow side, designed for ‘big water’
Barracuda VP: Versatile performance, a crossover between the E3 and Barracuda that’s meant to work for paddle/wing/downwind.

Personally, I’m most excited about the VP, as I have both an E3 (5’9") and Barracuda (7’8") currently, but much prefer the E3 for SUP surfing and winging.

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Do you think the VP will be able to downwind too, or just a good option for wave/wing? Wondering if that 25” width is too big for dw…

It’ll work for sure just like the E3 and E2 did. But won’t be as efficient through the water than the other sizes. That said if your in hood river style bumps and need that one board quiver it’s a pretty epic option.

Glad you guys like my video

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when is the expected release