Production Downwind Boards

Seems like everyone is coming out with a production downwind board with a “barracuda inspired” tail (at least by the look of it). Here are a few that I know of, can others please add anything I’m missing:

Kalama Barracuda - OG
FFB Dagger
Amos Sultan
Gong Cruzader
DC Harpoon
Fanatic Downwinder (not a barracuda tail)
FOne Rocket SUP Downwind (not a barracuda tail)
KT (2023 unreleased?)
Axis (2023 unrealeased?)
Armstrong (2023 unreleased?)


I heard Appletree has one coming from TJ at Big Winds.


Sunova too, but idk how to get one in the states?

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You can order them through Poseidon and they will be shipped straight to your house.

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Here are some additions from the history

AFS BlackBird

Fanatic Downwinder 2023

52 Storm Glider

KT Downwind (proto??)

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Also Signature have the Pegasus v2 coming out

I received my 7’ FFB Dagger yesterday, such a beautiful board. I can’t wait to use it. I plan to wing and prone foil with it to sort out mast position before starting the DW struggle. Not sure of the goal of this thread but it seemed like it could use some pics.


I was comparing dimensions and design characteristics between a few designs and the original intent was to see if there were others that I was missing.

My takeaway is that tail nuances, width and volume distribution are vastly different between the designs out there. Seems like the Barracuda design theory has changed the paradigm for downwind board design, but it’s going to take a couple generations to actually work through the details.

The Dagger looks amazing. That’s definitely one that I was studying and it’s a very clean implementation of the design characteristics (to the naked eye). I’ve got to think it’s a pretty tough board to learn on, but I could be wrong. keep us posted once you get going.

Also interesting to see some of these characteristics work their way into small wing boards. Wonder how well that application translates.


One ocean sports egg as well.


We will have the Sunova’s AVIATOR DOWNWIND ELITE here at Big Winds, getting our first couple in a week or so to test out! Excited to get out on them.


Such a cool board, whats your weight, because you chose the 100L.

I’m about 145 lbs. I probably would have picked one of the two larger sizes but they sold out quickly. The 7’ model fits in my van better anyway!

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Ive seen Spacestick proto downwind boards up near Seattle
Similar pintail and groove on the side rail
And seems like the dedicated DW people are all on pintails

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Adding PPC Link Board

They (NSP) just published this?

Interesting, wouldn’t mind seeing frontal profile to understand the shape. Is that a spine or graphic feature only?

Big winds just posted pics of the KT downwind board on their facebook

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Interestingly the french direct brand Gong have just added two slightly wider models in their new Cruzader range, a 7’0" and 7’6" XL - with 21 and 22 inch widths, smart cookies :slight_smile: No delivery date on them yet.


I thought it was interesting that the axis boards narrower as they get longer. almost like they have a fixed stability but it’s a spectrum between easier to catch waves and easier to ride.

Good review of the Amos Sultan here.