Dead flat tails

I’ve always made my own tails out if flat g10 1/4” and I just can’t go back. That flat loose skate is just the best. Even the minimal flip on the KD tails just tightens up that pivot in a way that throws me off. It’s technically better I think(especially at speed) but not as playful.

I’ll also say that even my best tails are missing that professional refined feel but I still prefer it!

Any production tails in the standard bottom mount pattern that are dead dead flat flat? Smaller the better?

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Uni race tail is flat and bottom mount. Would love to see tnose G10 tails and how you shape them. Flat bottom profile, thickness?

I know your not unfamiliar with takuma 178/158, those are flat are they not?

I thought all those tails were flat at the tip(if you chop the tip) but with some v in the middle Giving them a little vertical component that gives it some “Rudder” qualities.

Honestly I haven’t seen one in a bit I’ll borrow one and check

An interesting point from the internet that caught my attention - Axis in effect has a massive vertical stabiliser - the fuse and integrated tail both form a significant vertical component. I wonder if that explains some things around why they feel so stiff.


yeah, i like that part of the fuse to be as thin as possible. If was riding axis i would have ground that out!

Since the 158/178/218 tail family have no winglets, it sounds like you’re describing the 220, which also has a dihedral. The 178 was the first truly flat tail I’ve ever seen.

Would be interesting to see a video of how you do it or pictures, I’ve been curious into making some tails from G10 also.

I’ll make a video here in a bit! There’s a few tips and tricks to getting it right


Almost but not dead flat, the Cloud IX FS Tails may be an option, I love them for their glide and playfulness.

New tails come with the back screw space adaptable to other brands, I can use it in my AFS fuselage too.

Also the new AFS PURE 150 Surf tail is very THIN and very fast.

I’m away from my 178/218 atm, but here’s the photo of the 158 before I sold it. Next to a kd classic

Wow that is awesome they make the spacing adjustable like that, any clue if that works on Unifoil?

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Pretty sure it will … Will ask Chris from CIX to corroborate!

This tails are awesome for carving and low end hang

I like the flat ones the most as well. 155 cm2, bottom mount, non-standard mount though.

Here’s a picture of the Takuma 178 (top) and unifoil race chopped down to 14” (bottom). They’re both pretty flat, but I think they might have about 1mm of dihedral at the tips.

The 13” Ono foils fast tail is dead flat. I agree that I like the looser feel for turning