New Uni Progression Tails

I’m about to buy my entire setup (p170). Anyone not prefer the new tails?


I personally really like the 13.5 progression tail. It gives better glide and is way more efficient in the pump. That could also be the carbon. If you have the opportunity to get the carbon 3 pack it is nice to have different options at times. At the same time Erik designed the tail with the progression wings in mind.

Hi was riding the Takum Kujira 158 tail on the 170 for a couple of months. Just received the new 13.5 progression tail a week ago and ridden it numerous times… both Foil turning performance and pumping back out improved noticably. Its a GREAT tail.


Has anyone used both the 13.5 & 14.5 with the 170?

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My question is what are they like on hyper2 and vyper foils? Benefits?


Hey, tossing up getting either a new carbon progression tail or KD Marlin (14”) anyone had time on both & could share their thoughts?

Hard decision as hearing lots of good things about both tails, currently using 13R & TK158 with Progression 170/140.

Anyone tried the progression tail on an older Kujira 1210 or 1095? Not sure if it’s compatible

I have had the 13.5” progression tail for a few weeks with the PP125 and it is a great all around tail. Makes the whole package pretty effortless compared to the older generation foils and equipment. Speed, glide, and turning are all top of the class. Thanks @Erik and @Clifford !


I have the 14.5" Progression tail paired up with my P170 and P125.

Before this tail I used the 13" shiv and 13" shunt on the p170 with the preference being the shunt as it helped prevent the p170 forward pitching at speed as much.

The 14.5 certainly feels more stable and has more pump but that’s to be expected with the increase in size. I’m actually undecided on whether I should also get a 13.5 or whether that’s totally overlapping with my g10 pack (although my shiv is a bit chewed up)


If you’re still on the G10 pack I’d highly recommend the 13.5. It’s a faster tail and because of the stiffness carbon provides will still give you more low end and better pump. The bigger tips lock in the pump, but it will still turn better than the G10. If you want to go even looser you can cut the tips down a bit and it will feel crazy nimble. At the cost of a bit of stability.

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Hi Erik,

I’m actually now on the 14.5" progression I guess what I want to know is if there is a place in the quiver for the 13.5" progression as well seeing as I already have the 13" g10 pack alongside the 14.5" progression.

The 13.5 will be the fastest tail and most nimble. I don’t love g10 as the flex takes away drive on pump. So the 13.5 being carbon will be faster than the g10 and turn tighter. Just depends on what you’re looking for…

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@drc13 You asked the same exact question above and then Erik answered it right below your question. You feeling ok? :joy:

Yeah I’m good thanks! :slight_smile:

I was clarifying the difference between the 14.5" and 13.5" and if the gap between them is wide enough to own both especially if already owning the g10 set :man_shrugging:

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Bummer came in from my session today with a little knick on the trailing edge of my 14.5" :frowning:

Should I sand it, fill it, leave it?

If it was me, I’d fill, and sand it. Chop up some cloth super fine and mix it into the resin. use as little as possible for less sanding. Sand when cured. I’ve resurfaced many wings and fins this way.

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Thanks appreciate that, ok silly question when you say resin is there any specific type I need to get and is it a hardware item or purely a shaper product?

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I’ve been on the 170 with Kane’s 14R for a while. Never had the red tail pack. I got the the 14.5 tail first and it really extends the low range of the foil. Pumping is a breeze and the glide/efficiency is unreal. It turns well enough and is stable when overpowered but it doesn’t carve. I just got the 13.5 last week. It carves, it’s fast, and once you’re at speed it pumps almost as easy and forgiving as the 14.5. At the end of a long session this morning I was gassed and still able to grave dig my way up and get back to an easy cadence to catch one way out back. Just like the front wing, the 13.5 is surprisingly efficient for how well it turns. All of this is 0 shim, too.