UniFoil Progression wings/tails

Ok Erik! Loving the videos of the Progression 170 and 140 (both you and Pedigo). What tails are you using?? You implied you may be designing a specific tail. Inquiring minds want to know! I am planning on ordering as soon as available and curious what tail/stab is feeling the best. . Thanks, John

We are working on a tail for the progression foils. It’s 90% there. Right now the 3 pack from Uni is works well. I prefer the back footed tail, or at least that’s how it’s labeled. I find it is the most stable though our normal speed range. And I ride the foil pretty far forward so it has tons of front foot. The other tails have a bit better low end, but the lift changes a bit with speed.

I also like them with the KD 13r, a chopped blunt, and the kujira tails. Hope that helps.


I hear preorders will start in February, any shops in Florida dealers for Unifoil?

So we’ll need to buy 3 tails temporarily till the matching tail is released? :pensive:
Website says the red tails are sensitive to rock/reef contact comparing to carbon fiber.
They released the Axis mast adapter though.

Compound Surf Shop will have them.

Ask for Pookie. Hes one rippa

The 3 tail pack is a great quiver of tails, and they’re good on the progression foils. We working on a new idea and it’s taken a while, but should be great. Hoping it’s done before the foil is released. Fingers crossed.

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I posted in another thread, but hopefully there will be a market for these tails once people start to figure out which ones they like. Id buy a shunt (both 13 and 14) if someone decided they liked one of the other two tails and wanted to sell one that they weren’t going to use. Alternatively, I’d split up the cost of a pack with someone if they knew they wanted the shank and/or shiv.

I don’t really want to buy $375 worth of tails just to use one. Charge $150 for singles and everyone wins.

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Their website says on the 3-pack page there’s also carbon versions of the Shiv and Shunt, but probably not released yet.

I was thinking the same thing! Unifoil should probably offer them individually as another option (or at least the Shiv- Neutral). There are people who can’t make themselves buy 3 wings to only use 1.

Erik- Please mention to Cliff if you get a chance.

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You can tag him directly here too. @Clifford

If anyone is looking for what shops are going to carry the Progression Wing please message me abs I can let you know the retailer in your region.

We don’t have plans to sell the G10’Tail Pack wings individually at this time. $375 is a great deal for 3 tails as 1 KD tail cost $250. It’s a great opportunity to unlock your wing and get a better understanding of foils.

People clearly trust Erik’s judgement based on the volume and quality of content he makes (both podcast and video) demonstrating his clear dedication to dialing a foil in — “quarter mm shims, baseplate shims, changing foils weekly” etc.

Literally every die-hard foiler in my area I have talked to plans to order the progression when it’s available including myself.


What I love about Uni/Signature/Takuma… is that you probably already have tails that work. I look at tails like I look at surfboard fins. I ride the Rocket with HS fins. And on my twins I love Rasta or AM fins.

The progression foils go great with the kujira and the kd tails. So you don’t need to buy the 3-pack. But it is a great way to understand what differing degrees of camber do to feel. Same template and surface area, but different cambers. You can feel the lift and pitching differences. I prefer the back footed tail with the foil super far forward. That gives me the least pitch changes during turns. But there are other guys riding the foils that prefer the other two tails….


Where do the Unifoils ride in the box. Forward like a Lift or Armstrong or perhaps back in the box like a Go Foil?

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it depends on which model

I’m still getting my set up dialed but i seem to prefer the backfoot tail with the zero shim - then i shift the mast in the water depending on the power.
I tried the neutral tail for a couple of sessions on the zero shim but it felt way slower.
I’m on the vyper 190.

this is whats great about tuning foils and hearing the different setups that guys like

this is quite an uncommon setup on a Vyper and being a back foot pressure setup you must have the foil quite far forwards in the box to compensate
the vyper has a relatively strong forward pitching moment , so i presume you must riding in quite a narrow speed window ? and smallish swell ?

but yes low drag is king ! cant get enough of a setup that just flies , its the best

you dont mention what size stab you using ? i presume the 14 ?


Interesting! I am liking the Vyper 190 with the neutral (red) tail and a .5 shim. I have found I like the mast about a half inch more forward than I am riding my Lift gear (HA 120, 170) if that is any help. I am sure I could go with a 0 shim and push the mast further forward but haven’t tried it yet. Pretty much loving this set up; so I haven’t even explored the other two tails yet!

Vyper is such a great combo of speed/glide and roll (surf). Also, very pitch stable- so great for newbies.

For the record, I also really liked the KD Blunt with a .5 shim. Loved it until I forgot to screw in the fuse and it dropped off after wave #2. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey Clifford, I’m on the 13" tail and usually in reasonably solid swell - headhigh+ on the takeoff and the mast is pushed back otherwise i get launched on the takeoff.
I’m hoping to get on a smaller front wing soon - either the hyper2 170 or the vyper 150 - it’s hard to get gear into Bali but both of these are here now so I’m trialing them both soon.

The tails are g10 and I can confirm they sensitive to rock / reef damage :cry: