Deflate DW - Paddle Storage

For those doing deflate DW’ers, any tips on where to store the paddle for the upwind leg?

I’ve generally placed it between my back and pack, but it can get pretty frustrating as the thing slips down becoming a rudder, or gets so high that it causes interference on jibes.

Looks like the strut method may be the best, but I haven’t found a good way to fasten it to my F-One Handles.

Mainly doing these in Puget Sound, HR, and Maui Southside.

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velcro straps to the wing handles?


Rubberized twisty ties, or some p cord?

Two Velcro straps per handle tightens things up nicely. DM me for a local (Puget Sound) connection who uses a diy boom on F-one and can offer good perspective.

So do you go upwind…then deflate on the beach come back sup dw? I would worry if you deflate the wing while foiling…if you fall with the wing in the bag…water can penetrate into the bladder and have all sort of problem after? Is there any issu if water goes into the bladder? But that idea make me think twice at purchasing a dw board. I’m on a river…with rare wind over 20 knts…and don’t want to miss a wing day…but that could be the best of both world. Go a few km/miles upwind then try to sup downwind and pump the wind back etc.

Generally deflating and packing up well offshore, wherever the bumps are best.
The nice thing about the wing is being able to position yourself anywhere.

But, yeah, my wing definitely takes a beating.

I have weaved the paddle through the fone handles and used the paddle as a boom. My paddle is adjustable though so I take it apart to fit.

Anyone come up with anything creative for the duotone slicks to carry a paddle?