Deflate DW which bag to store the wing

I Looking for a bag to store my wing when i will do a deflate DW?
Any advices ? Recommandations?


Manera makes the offshore vest. I personally have never used it but if I decided to start doing deflate DW I would.

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I’ve been using this decathlon 20L bag, it works well for up to 4m wing, easy to pack a 2.5-3m wing. I haven’t tried the Manera style external packing, but it probably works better if you don’t fall that much, as the wing collects water quite easily.

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I’ve been using an older version of this DaKine bag that works well, having the drybag style is good if you fall in a lot but might be an issue if you have a wing with long handles.

A bag with compression straps and drain holes on the bottom if you are doing in water deflate. If you are going to deflate on land, then the drain holes aren’t necessary.

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I’ve used a normal wing bag and just wrapped a couple of small bungee cords around the exterior. No problem and no added expense


I went to see it at Decathlon, it looks really good!

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I have it and can definitely recommend it. Minimalistic design works well to reduce bulk and weight.

Good comments here.
The fundamental question is dry or wet.
I do have the Manera, it works well if you don’t fall much and pay attention to the folding so there are potential water bags. Pross, fast to pack, light, no wing size limitations and plenty of storage options. Cons, expensive, bad if you fall. Very recomendable for repeated short runs when learning.

There are plenty of dry options. Pros: no extra water if you fall, cheap. Cons: Slow to set up will not allow to dry as you go. Better for long runs if you use the wing as parachute.