DIY Foil tracks?

Anyone tried making their own foil tracks?
Was thinking of how to approach the task and am curious on designs people have tried even if it hasn’t worked.
Been using Future 1-shots. Purchased the chinook 16" (heavy) close to 2.5 lbs. As well as heavy duty t-tracks not hot on aluminum to carbon interface as well as saltwater .

Just use the chinook boxes. Bulletproof. I use the impact driver exclusively, ride hard for years no problems

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I wouldn’t go down this route of making your own. I Use Chinook or Futures boxes only as the risk of failed boxes risks at the extreme losing your foil (very expensive) or a big repair job to your board (very time consuming). You’d not save much money and it would be a lot of hassle for little gain.

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And don’t even get me started on the lunacy of the people who think they can make aluminum tracks work.

I think the futures boxes are a huge compromise and a mistake. They’re only used because it lets designers and brands plug into the existing surfboard manufacturing ecosystem

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I have seen a few homemade tracks around here. Two methods I have spoken to people about are a 2 piece carbon fibre track that is then bonded, or a solid block that is then routed. The only justification the builders gave me was track length, but with the longer tracks now available I don’t think it is worth the effort. I will be interested to see the new approach that Appletree use when they bring out their new inhouse tracks.

Kinda 1/2 way there . Thinking just mold the track and slide off the track, rational is that there’s less waist.