Does Balance Board Training Help?

Im wondering being all my water is frozen solid if i can be progressing in the winter with a balance board like a indo board. I just started standup foiling last year but Im a long time Airchair sitdown hydrofoil guy.So far I ride behind a boat without a rope but havent figured the pump out yet on a AXIS HA pump foil. Sucks not being able to ride for 6 months…is a balance board a waste of time?

Love the podcast even though alot of it is way over my head.


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I think a balance board is a great tool. I have the Revolution Swell, which has removable, magnetic stops that allow you to orient the roller either parallel or perpendicular to the board. A ball instead of a roller might be even better. I recommend using one.

It absolutely helps. I have an indo board and even using it 10-20’ a day while watching TV will help your nervous system maintain some of those neurons that help maintain/improve balance.

Great thanks fellas. I be looking today for a board I’ll read up on both of yours.

Definitely. Even better you can add a sup trainer in the mix. I have a swim ergometer, a vasa swim trainer that you lay on prone and has two swim handles attached to a fan contraption like a rowing machine (scored cheap second hand).

It has a sup handle attachment so I put my vew-do balance board next to the trainer, with the half cylinder/ foam roller perpendicular to the attachment point so it’s super tippy left to right as I practice paddling. It think this has helped my initial dw sup foiling attempts on my +20L, 18.75” wide board, as I’m not falling in at all really. Real life paddling skills will require time on water however.

I’ve seen some newer smaller swim trainers on the market, or even maybe some low resistance bands could do the trick. Just find a stick around 4’ long and put an eye screw at the bottom and put a sup handle on the top.

I’ve had the Info board for years, very good. Even better is the skill board. Uses a ball. Much closer to foil balance than uno. Takes a little time, be careful, but really the best balance board there is.

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Just got the Revbalance Swell 2.0. Thanks for the recommendation. Stoked. I’ll stand on it while I’m at my desk. :slight_smile:

+1 for this.

But yes, I think it’s great for foiling. Possibly better than for surfing.

I do most of my workouts with it now, using kettle bell etc. Love it

Balance boards are fun. Slack lines are even harder but more fun imo. I’m not sure either has helped my foiling.

Absolute best thing you can do to improve pumping is dock starting but I understand your water is frozen now.