Downwind hand paddle vs SUP paddle

Haha your idea is definitely beyond my construction capabilities. Maybe I’ll have another think about it when I finish shaping the downwind foilsupcat. But that really is for another thread.

Hoping this could work with hand paddles once all the wonky lines are straightened out.

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:joy: I just bought a battered old dinghy kite, will report back as to how it flies off the nose of a DW board (and stows…! Need to combine this with this)

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ha yeah i reckon if it’s windy enough for one of those paddle sails you could probably just prone paddle up. There’s been times here in Botany Bay where i’ve seen a steep bump so just paddled for it and got up. Rather than unclip the hand paddles and get in position. Being down low definitely gives you a good feel for the water. Even just spending some time kneeling while you paddle along with SUP paddle is useful for getting a good sense of the energy.

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Under what conditions do you feel hand paddles or sup no longer necessary?

I imagine optimal is 15kn wind for balance of pleasant conditions and nice bumps. Above that I would suppose it gets a bit intense, but doesn’t require much assistance, and below that it becomes much more effort to get going?

That 15 number chosen without experience, only from sailing/kiting as the start of small whitecaps. I saw Oskar getting going in light (12kn?) with the paddles, which seems pretty surprising given how mild that is

Probably more than 15kt but depends on other stuff. It’s more about how steep the bumps are, and not their size.

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Was there any stability challenges on the knees with that 6-6 by 20? Do you think you could have gone any narrower?

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Check out spinnaker socks used on 49ers, 29ers, and Musto performance skiffs. Sits on top of deck, light weight. Just need a sheet/block system for launching and bagging.

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Going from my 24" to 20" it felt a bit tippy at first but got used to it very fast. As in minutes. Being comfortable on 20", i don’t expect 18" or 19" would feel very different. But also not that critical to go narrower. As soon as you can bounce the board out of the water it’s not producing any drag :slight_smile:


I gotta pair from 1994! Planning on trying them tomorrow too !